Absolute Necromancer Chapter 131

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It’s really easy.”

“Didn’t I tell you? “Basil is strong, his pride is strong, but his love for snakes is

even greater.”

“Yeah, it definitely looks like that.”

After completing the contract as a soul bottle, Tune and I had a conversation

while watching Basil flirting in a corner with the soul bottles made from the snake soul I gave him.

“So now all that’s left is Ashur Hum?”

“That’s right, if we just make him a soul disease, it’s really over.”

“Can’t we start right away?”

“… … Well, that still works.”

Currently, the number of people I have signed a soul bottle contract with is Tune and Basil.

‘At this level, we can definitely suppress Ashur Hum even if he resists.’

As I had maintained my physical and mental strength in the contracts with the

previous two, I was confident that I would succeed in the contract with Ashur

Hum even if he resisted.

So, as Basil said, there was no problem in starting right away.

“Well, then let’s get started right away. “The method for Ashur Hum will soon


“There’s something else. Yeah, there’s no way you’re not prepared for something. Then bring it.”


Of course, it wasn’t that I didn’t prepare any methods to deal with him.

I told ‘him’, who is coming here now, to bring me a way to subdue Ashur Hum without harm and sign a contract.

‘If you’re going to sign a contract, it’s better for both parties to reach an amicable agreement before signing the contract.’

I may have to spend the rest of my life with Ashur Hum.

In that situation, even though I got off to a bad start with him, it doesn’t have

to be that way until the end.

“That’s surprising.”

“What do you mean?”

“Jinhyeok, you could easily subdue Ashur Hum and turn him into a soul disease, so why bother trying to persuade him?”

Tune stroked his chin and expressed doubts about my choice.

Since there are contracts left over from the contract between myself and Basil,

it would be better to resolve it through conversation, but in the end, it would be easier and better to suppress it with force.

This was possible because Tune still knew nothing about Spirit Master.

“You said you wanted to become a spirit master. “That won’t change even now.”

“… … You could say it was a dream that could not be achieved even after death. “I will work hard to become a spirit master by your side.”

“Yes, good posture. There is no need for there to be only one Spirit Master. In

the first place, Vulcan is also a Spirit Master. But know one thing.”

“… … “What is it?”

Tune, whose eyes were shining with the attitude of a student eager to learn, was told what a spirit master should not forget.

“Carrot and stick. These two must organically interlock and repeat.”

“Why? I learned that when dealing with the undead, the best and most efficient way is to show overwhelming strength and suppress them… … .”

Tune tilts his head and expresses doubt.

Yes, there is certainly nothing better than strength to control the undead.

What he said was definitely right.

For them, who have no sense of reason or ego, conversation is just a pain in the mouth.

It was a similar story that applied to the top undead, Dullahan, Lich, and Death Knight.

After all, they were also undead.

But soul disease was different.

“Now, let me give you an example. Tune, you said you admire me.”

“Yes that’s right.”

“But let’s say I don’t want your adoration. “Then how shall I treat you?”

“… … “Wouldn’t you treat me coldly and treat me harshly?”

“Yes, that’s correct. By nature, when someone you don’t want is being flirty with you, you try to get rid of them that way. Most people notice that quickly. So

how will the person he or she likes behave when he or she finds out that the person he or she likes hates him or her?

“… … “You will gradually lose your love for it.”

I nodded, looking at Tune, who gave an answer with a stiff face.

“That’s right, just apply that directly to the soul bottle. Undead without reason

and ego tend to naturally succumb to overwhelming power. However, in the case of human soul disease, which is not much different from that of humans, it

can be considered the same as that of humans.”

“… … “There is no reason to properly fight in battle for someone you hate.”

“That’s right. For monsters, they are not much different from the undead, so using force to suppress them is actually more efficient. Because they are used to

fear and are sensitive. But on the other hand, humans are not like that. That’s

why there is such a thing as a soul troupe.”

“… … “You mean that thing piled up in one corner over there?”

As he spoke, Tune pointed to a pile of souls piled up in one corner.

It’s a question that has no reason to deny it.

Soul group.

Among the carrots and sticks mentioned above, the object and ability that serves as the stick.



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“It’s a pill made by grinding the soul. If Nana or Soul Bottle consumes it, their

stats will increase. Of course, just because you make a random soul into a souldan and eat it doesn’t mean your stats will go up.”

“Has confirmed. “They say that all you have to do is wave a carrot while showing that if you make a mistake, you can be replaced by a soul corps.”

“Well, if you do that often, it can be a problem. “With this, you can understand why I am trying to sign a contract with Ashur Hum in the most gentle way possible, right?”

“… … understand. Because my knowledge is limited, I only hurt your mouth for no reason. “I apologize.”

It was around this time that Tune, who had learned one important thing he had to learn as a Spirit Master, bowed his head in gratitude for the teachings.

“The older ones are working while the younger ones are just chatting.”

“Old man.”

“… … Damn you. It’s old, it’s really heavy. “Is it because of the armor?”


With a heavy sound different from before, the body of Ashur Hum, thrown by

Balkan, was thrown onto a table made of stone.

Since they were wearing heavy white armor, I knew that their heaviness must

have been completely different from that of Tune and Basil, who had been dressed lightly, so I could only shake my head.

“Let’s get started. He will arrive soon, so if we start now, we can be on time.”

“I will help.”

“I’m not refusing. “He’s the one over there flirting with the snakes. It’s not going to be much help in the current situation anyway.”

Unlike Basil, who was a snake wizard, Tune is a necromancer who has been studying necromancy since his lifetime.

Additionally, I was a climber who was digging into the power of the Spirit Master to continue my progress.

Of course, even if it wasn’t a huge help in the current situation, it would be able to provide some help and assistance.

“Okay then… … “Awake.”

The words have already flowed out of my mouth for an unknown number of times this day.

* * *

WiggleThe tightly closed eyelids twitch.

A being that stands up from that gap as if stretching.

“… … Where are we? I must have died in the aftermath of the ‘Descent’ and the intervention of a divine being, right?”

A voice full of confusion.

“Ashur Hum.”

“… … You, yes. You and your colleagues ended up ruining everything. Next to… … under! The person who was called the King of Death is just fawning next

to a climber on the 60th floor. “A passing dog will laugh.”

Ashur Hum turned his head at the voice calling him and looked at the owner

of the voice.

And when he saw that Tune was standing next to the owner of the voice, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Ghost Face and Tune.

The names of those standing in front of you.

In particular, even though he took off the goblin mask, Ashur Hum immediately realized that the man in front of him was a ghost mask.

WowEven though he was in a spiritual state, Ashur Hum had lost his composure to

the extent that his teeth-gnashing anger was clearly conveyed.

‘Everything for me, everything for them was destroyed by that guy. How dare

a guy like that show his face in front of me?’

Lord of Divine.

He lost his guild and all his subordinates, which he had built up over several years.

Fallon siblings.

He gave strength to himself, who was wandering after losing his comrades, and caused trouble to those who gave him the strength to take revenge.

Advent, Sandalphon.

He could not help the God he believed in and followed, and was abandoned.

As all of this got mixed up, Ashur Hum gave in to his anger and left his seat.


“… … Divine power! “It’s dangerous!”

“Get out of the way, how dare you, a ghost dog, stop me!”

Even in his spirit state, his divine power did not disappear.

Even though he was without a body, the vessel of his soul, Ashur Hum’s momentum did not go anywhere.

Divine power, like the sun, bursting forth from the soul of Ashur Hum, filling the underground cavity.

“… … Hehe, avoid it!”

Tune had a hard time jumping up and blocking Ashur Hum’s attack.

It was the same when he was a necromancer, but now that he has become a soul disease, he is even more vulnerable to divine power.

But Jinhyuk couldn’t help but be surprised.

“… … s*xually transmitted disease? “I didn’t do anything, but it’s called s*xually transmitted disease?”

This is because Ashur Hum’s condition was very similar to that of s*xually transmitted disease, even though he had not done any work.

Of course, it was not enough compared to the real s*xually transmitted disease.

PusssssThe brilliance that erupted every time divine power was used engulfed even Ashur Hum.

Jinhyeok immediately stepped forward because it seemed like Ashur Hum would purify his soul and become Buddha with his own hands if he continued like this.

“Move over, I’m in charge.”

“… … “It’s dangerous.”

“What is the risk? In the first place, when you and that guy became spirits, you became a lot weaker. Do you think I’ll lose against people who don’t even know how to use their power properly?”

“… … “Please be careful.”

This is a tune that has already lost to Jinhyuk once.

But is it possible to defeat Jinhyeok in a state of soul disease where he is weaker than his original body?

When he thought about the compatibility between himself and Ashur Hum, Tune realized that if Ashur Hum had been in his original state, he would have been swept away without even having a chance to do anything.

However, rather than being swept away at once, he was pushed back against

Ashur Hum, but managed to block it.

in other words.

‘And the same goes for Ashur Hum. Huh, I guess I was worried for no reason.’

Ashur Hum was also in a soul state, so he was not in a very normal state like Tune and himself.

Tune, who realized that much, stepped back in a polite manner.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to give the stick before the carrot. “I’ll just caress it

a little until the carrot comes.”

Jinhyeok rolled up his arms and rushed towards Ashur Hum, who was burning

his entire body.

* * *

“… … why! Why can’t I reach it! “Why on earth when the enemy is right in front of you!”

A pitiful sound.

Ashur Hum’s voice echoed hollowly in the underground cavity.

There was only one reason why he, who was strong enough to be called the epitome of steadfastness, cried out in pity.

“That’s because your condition right now is not normal. Why don’t you take it

in moderation and rest? “I’d like to have a conversation.”

“Do you think you and I would talk! “We will never be able to talk until one of

us dies!”

“… … You were dead in the first place. “Then we can talk, right?”

“Don’t play with words, ghost face!”

This is because he despaired of the reality that no matter how much divine power he unleashed, it could not reach Jinhyeok.

Even though he was full of murderous energy towards Jinhyeok and his divine

power was like the sun, Ashur Hum’s attack did not reach Jinhyeok in the end.

Naturally, it was Ashur Hum who collapsed first at the end of the meaningless

war of attrition.

thudAshur Hum’s knees hit the floor with a heavy sound.

Of course, it wasn’t voluntary.


“… … “Get out of the way!”

“If you promise to stay still, I’ll get out of the way.”

“… … “Shut up!”

This is because of Jinhyuk, who sat on Ashur Hum’s shoulders and used his strength to block Ashur Hum’s movements.

Ashur Hum struggled to shake off Jinhyeok sitting on his shoulder, but nothing changed.

Jinhyuk, who was firmly perched on his shoulder, never fell.

Jinhyeok spoke to Ashur Hum, who eventually relented after realizing that nothing had changed.

“Ashur Hum, do you want to become my subordinate?”

“… … Your subordinate who took everything from me. “If I die twice, I’d rather just die. That won’t happen.”

Naturally, Ashur Hum snorted at the offer to become his subordinate.

No matter who it was, there were very few cases where they worked under someone who took everything from them.

Ashur Hum was no different.

But Jinhyuk had different thoughts.

“okay? “This guy says so, what do you think?”

“… … ? Who are you talking to… … .”

When even Ashur Hum looks at Jinhyuk with an expression of bewilderment at the sight of Jinhyuk asking a question into empty space.

“Hmm, if you look at the information I’ve collected, I don’t think it’s such an

unrealistic story. “The person who took everything from you is not the frivolous guy sitting on your shoulder who has no sense of time or economics.”

Someone walked out from the empty darkness and answered.

He is none other than the one who harshly criticizes Jinhyeok.

Crack-tapThis person focuses his attention by tapping on the folder in his hand.

“Goldrich, you’re late.”

The person who appeared in the underground cavity was none other than Goldrich.

The fact that he appeared here now, having gathered all the information about Ashur Hum at Jinhyeok’s request, meant only one thing.

“While researching about you, I found a lot of interesting things. You can look

forward to it. “I was confident that if this time passed, you would be with us.”

Gold Rich’s voice, grinning and showing off his golden smile, filled the empty

underground cavity, and at the same time, the conversation between Jinhyeok,

Ashur Hum, and Gold Rich began.

This is a conversation that completely denies Ashur Hum’s past few years.

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