Absolute Necromancer Chapter 130

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“There is no time to rest.”

“I know. “Bring the next ones.”


I had no intention of denying Balkan’s suffering that followed Tune’s joining of Soul Soldiers.

Tune asked, looking at Vulcan’s back as he nodded and went to get the rest of

the bodies.

“If you say the next ones… … .”

“Yes, the snake charmer who was with you. And this is Ashur Hum, the paladin who was the leader of the guild union.”

“… … It’s bittersweet, but there’s no doubt that Basil and his paladin will make excellent soul soldiers. Okay, so what do I need to do?”

“As expected, he’s quick-witted.”

I nodded in response to Tune, who seemed to know the reason why he was the first to be revived, excluding the others.

Tune, Basil, Ashur Hum.

I was thinking of turning all three of these people into soulmates, and the reason I brought Tune back to life first was, of course, because he didn’t claim to be my successor.

“Basil. I’m planning to make him my second soul bottle. If you were closely related to him, you would have some idea of what it takes to turn him into a soul patient. “I want to hear that.”

“Hmm, for that reason, I can definitely say I’m the right fit.”

Tune reveals himself by stroking his chin.

I immediately asked him why.

“The reason is?”

“It’s not because he and I are only friends, but because I know what he values most and what he wants.”

“Even though it is a soul disease and may be bound to someone forever?”

This was a pretty important part to me.

Like everyone else in the world, my life is precious.

However, I checked again because there are cases where people with strong pride are more intent on protecting that pride than their own lives.

Basil was a climber who was reluctant to be tied down to someone rather than his own life or something as important as his life.

If we just listened to Tune’s words and proceeded, and Basil objected, there was a high possibility that the consumption of physical and mental power would

be maximized from then on.

‘If you use the tune that was performed without any backlash as a starting point, you can easily drag the other two into soul disease, assuming there is no backlash from the other two.’

In particular, the presence or absence of backlash was particularly important

to me, who had established a rough reference point through the tune.

If Basil rebelled, there was a high possibility that difficulties would arise in subduing Ashur Hum, who would be behind him.

However, in response to Tune’s follow-up, I nodded and started preparing.

“snake. “If you can get a snake that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, Basil will submit to you.”

“snake? I don’t have a snake. Should I at least give him Hendrick?”


The very reason Basil was so obsessed with Hendrik was the advice Tune gave


As I was pondering his advice, I asked if I should throw away Hendrick, who

was getting ready to get up from his hospital bed by now, but Tune shook his head.

“No, you definitely have.”

“I? Hmm, I never had a hobby of raising snakes.”

“It’s probably a rarer snake than the dragon named Hendrik. If not for you, it

is a snake that cannot be created by anyone else, and a snake that exists nowhere else in the world. “I think a snake with just its soul is the best bait to attract


“… … “Oh, if that’s the case, then it’s my specialty.”

A snake with only its soul left.

There is no record of making a soul bottle using a snake’s soul, but if asked, there was nothing I couldn’t do.

The most difficult thing is to make humans mentally ill in the first place.

The more you descend into a being without reason and ego, the easier it is to

turn yourself into a soul disease.

Of course, the problem remained.

“I need the snake’s corpse to turn into a soul.”

When creating a soul bottle, it is no different from creating something from nothing, but subjugating something.

Of course, you can’t create a snake spirit bottle from scratch.

But Tune, a talented climber, had an idea.

“There will definitely be a large number of snake carcasses in Basil’s body.”

“… … dead body?”

“Yes, if there isn’t one, it would be okay to cut open the stomach. Basil kept the snakes without distinction between inside and outside. “If it is on the condition that you revive the souls of those snakes to the level of semi-soul disease, Basil will definitely kneel before you.”

It was perfect.

If everything goes according to Tune’s words, I can’t help but think that I will

be able to treat Basil like Tune with a spirit disease without much effort.

After thinking about it up to that point, the decision I would make was already decided.


“I brought it.”

The moment when Basil’s body, brought by Vulcan, is placed on a table made

of stone, just as it was when the tune was made, with a heavy sound.

“Let’s start right away by finding the snake’s body.”

“Yes, that’s what I said, so I’ll help too.”

“Snake carcass? Why is that suddenly?”



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“Don’t talk nonsense and just help, Balkan.”

“… … Damn it, explain something and tell me to help you. “You always seem like the same annoying guy.”

I rolled up my sleeves and concentrated on finding enough snake carcasses to

cover both the outside and inside of Basil’s body.

And as Tune said, a large number of corpses of dead snakes were found inside

Basil’s clothes and body.

‘I’m sure. With this amount, you can make quite a lot of snake spirit bottles. ‘It’s worth negotiating.’

Now that the price for the deal was ready, there was only one thing left.



The point was that it was time to make him mentally ill.

“… … This is the production process for making a soul bottle. A historical moment worth remembering… … !”

In the process, Tune’s eyes sparkled as he saw the moment when the soul bottle was actually created for the first time, but what was important from now on

was not Tune’s reaction.

‘There is one more person left besides you. Let’s finish it quickly and move on.’

Basil to Tune.

Ashur Hum left it to Goldrich, who is coming here now.

If you don’t make Tune and Basil mentally ill until the nagging Goldrich comes, you will once again hear a speech about time being money.

‘… … Just imagining it makes me vomit.’

With a weary look on my face, remembering Goldrich’s long speech that I had

experienced once before, I watched Basil’s soul body slowly reveal itself.

* * *

‘… … ‘I’m in a daze.’

The sensation of waking up from a deeply submerged lake.

Basil thought while muttering absentmindedly.

‘… … I’m definitely dead.’

Hendrick’s ‘Dividing the World’.

Basil did not forget that it shattered his territory and even tore him apart.

A feeling I will never forget even after I die.

In fact, Basil could not forget that fact even after his death.

TouchI glanced at Basil, who was fiddling with the area where Hendrick’s sword strike had struck.

This was because the feeling in my body was slowly coming back.

‘I should know what’s going on.’

My head was heavy and my judgment wasn’t right, but in the end, I knew what I had to do.

As always, we gather information and decide what to do next.

‘Even if this place is like ‘hell’ or ‘underworld’ where you go when you die, it’s no different.’

Even if the reality he woke up to was ‘hell’ or ‘the underworld’, which he had

only heard about through rumors, he had no regrets.

However, the reality he opened his eyes to was neither a ‘hell’ hot with hellfire nor an ‘underworld’ where judgment was based on karma in reality.


“… … Tune?”

The only climber who can be said to be his only friend, excluding snakes.

Because Tune, the climber known as the Four Spirits King, was there.

“Did it happen to you too? Whoa, I can’t believe I was attacked by people who couldn’t even get past the 100th floor at most. Haha, those guys were monsters too. It’s a shame~ I was hoping you would kill Hendrick and be with me.”

He was truly regretful about that fact.

he himself is dead

The fact that Tune was in the same space as him was no different from saying

that he, too, was dead.

Of course, that was just an incident that happened because he didn’t know about the existence of Spirit Master.

“Let’s end the small talk and get to the point.”

“… … you? How are you here? Is it Donggwijin?”

Jinhyuk’s voice interrupts the conversation between himself and Tune.

Basil mumbled like an idiot with a blank expression on his face.

However, at the explanation of the tune that followed, he threw his head back

and burst into laughter.

“soul? And soul disease? Hahaha, fun. “So you’re going to make me your slave?”

“It would be better to think of him as a subordinate. “To you and to me.”

“That’s it, whatever. So what’s the price? Hendrick, are you trying to put that

guy in my arms? “Hmm, if that’s the case, I might at least give you some thought.”

Basil, who jokes and throws sarcastic remarks, clearly has his own solid pride.

He had already died once, and if he refused, it would not be surprising if he went to hell or the underworld, but he did not faint.

On the contrary, Basil, who was certain to be the successor, made the opposite deal.

‘This is why it is difficult to treat a human soul with a soul disease. Especially

powerful ones.’

It was not for nothing that Jinhyeok, a necromancer who was often evaluated

as the best in history and a spirit master who surpassed the founding fathers, gently coaxed and comforted strong spirits.

Except for special cases such as Balkan, the number of soul diseases that Jinhyuk faced was small.

Unlike the soul of a monster, the soul of a human has a level of emotion that

would be insufficient to say that it is sensitive.

“It’s a price… … Okay, I’ll pay you what you want. Of course, I will decide the


“under? There’s no way you could pay me a decent price with your humble insight… … !”

Basil snorted when he heard that he would pay a price of his own choosing rather than a price of his own choosing.

‘No amount of gold or silver treasure or a beautiful woman of all kinds will be

able to charm me. Even if Hendrick were to give it to me, I wouldn’t be your subordinate.’

A climber who has surpassed the 300th floor.

A being whose nickname is the grandiose name King.

Of course, I have had the rarest things in the world at least once.

He says there is no reason to break his own pride and fall under Jinhyuk.

of course-

“It is the soul pulled out from the snakes you had.”

“… … .”

Absolute things do not exist in this world.

Jinhyeok’s mouth dropped and Basil’s face hardened at the sound of the voice.

“In addition, there are many snakes that have not been made into soul bottles


“… … !”

Basil’s eyes widen as he looks at the translucent snake soul with heavenly beauty before his eyes.

That’s not everything?

I was so tempted to pay hundreds of millions of dollars just to see what was in

front of me and add it to my collection.

But Jinhyuk’s words did not end there.

“If you come under me, I will guarantee you the same position as a corps commander like Tune. In addition, I will also give you the authority to treat all snakes as soul diseases.”

“… … !!!”


You can take not only what you give here and now, but all the souls of the snakes you will meet or have in the future.


It wrapped around Basil’s whole body.

‘What do the souls of the snakes I’ve seen so far look like? I’m sure it won’t be

worse than when I was alive.’

Basil has literally met every snake below the 300th floor.

After that, he did not spare any money or time to keep tabs on the snakes at the top.

But what if you search for the souls of all the snakes below the 300th floor, and then manipulate the snakes of the upper floors with their souls?

‘It’s truly infinite! ‘I can see an infinite number of snakes!’

Even just below the 300th floor, there are tens of thousands of species of snakes.

But the 600th and 900th floors.

Furthermore, if you consider snakes in other dimensions, you will be able to gain insight into literally an infinite number of snakes.

Additionally, he manipulates the souls of those snakes.


“Death King, Basil. As long as that condition is maintained, I will obey you for


It was too much money, no, the snake’s soul, for Basil not to get down on his


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