Absolute Necromancer Chapter 129

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Yeokcheon and Guild Alliance.

Guild union and Yeokcheon.

A day has passed since the guild war between the two forces ended.

However, even though a day had passed, the city on the 60th floor was full of


-Okay, my legs… … .

-priest! Here’s a treat!

-I’m going, I’m going! Oh, if this continues, I will go to God first!

Of course, it wasn’t full of tourists.

Most of the people who filled the 60th floor city were the injured people from

the guild battle and the priests who were rushing to treat them.

There were people who caught their eyes like that.

“I think it must have cost a lot of money.”

“I heard. However, since they were priests belonging to a temple that Goldrich

had a direct partnership with, most of them were used as donations. I heard that thanks to this, our relationship with the temple became stronger and we were able to increase our intimacy with the gods of that temple.”

“… … Does he even do business with temples and gods?”

“Halcyon, take note. To a merchant, whether it’s a climber, a god, or a pope,

they’re just customers. He just knows it better than anyone else and uses it better.”

“… … “I will command you.”

Halcyon and Puppet.

The people who were given the management of the priests dispatched to the

city on the 60th floor from Goldrich were the main characters of attention.

When Halcyon is surprised and Puppet scolds Goldrich for getting drunk enough to take advantage of the priests dispatched by Goldrich to control the damage, even though he gave money as a donation.

Halcyon suddenly asked Puppet.

“But why did Goldrich go to see Ghostface as soon as he arrived on the 60th floor?”

“It might also have something to do with the fact that you don’t show up all day. Rather than that, Halcion, from now on we have to create a guild for the traitors of the guild union, so let’s go right away.”

“… … Yeah? “What are those priests doing?”

“We can do that together.”

“… … “We have one body, Puppet.”

“If it can’t be done, make it happen. “There are good things to say about your


“under… … Hahaha, that’s right… … good… … word… … This is it… … .”

While killing the crazy man who made up those words in his head dozens of times, Halcion was dragged by the back of his neck by the puppet.

“I can go on my own feet!”

“No, I’ll use my puppet technique to move you around at this level. “Halcyon,

your stamina is precious.”

“Everyone else is watching!”

Halcion begged the puppet that was holding her by the back and using puppetry to drag her as lightly as a piece of paper, but nothing changed.

“Let’s save even the strength we have from walking and use it for work.”

“… … Yes, do whatever you want.”

In the end, with Halcyon’s drooping voice in desperation, they moved to create a guild for traitors from the guild union.

The compensation that Gold Rich decided to give to the lower guild members

of the Guild Alliance was to have them join a guild under the Gold Rich Group

where they could receive regular support.

Of course, the guild had just been created, but Goldrich, as well as Puppet, who inherited the authority to open the guild from him, had no intention of providing them with the support they needed.

‘Although they are traitors, they are those who joined the guild under the Holy Kingdom. With proper investment and proper surveillance, it can be used as

a meat shield in guild battles like this one.’

Low-level guild member.

However, if you are a low-level guild member belonging to an outstanding guild called Seongguk, things are different.

This proves that they are suitable talents who have passed through a fairly tight filter.

In other words, Gold Rich and Puppet stole the talents that the guilds under Seongguk had selected without even touching them.

Of course, there were drawbacks.

‘Well, I can’t give important positions to traitors, but they can be used as meat shields, so I think it’s worth investing in.’

The point was that they were traitors.

Traitors who received terms that were beneficial to them and chose them.

It was also said that if they were offered good conditions by the hostile forces

at any time, they would attack this side again.

Still, with proper investment and appropriate surveillance, their usefulness was endless, and there was no need to tarnish the name ‘Gold Rich’ by saying it twice, so the puppets moved on briskly.

‘I wonder what on earth you two are doing.’

When Halcyon spoke, it was harsh, but in reality, he was holding in his heart

a problem that he himself was curious about.

* * *

The basement of a 60-story city.

Quad deukThe sound of grinding something echoed harshly from there.



While listening to the painful screams of the souls being torn apart, Jinhyeok,

who was working hard to form a soul troupe, said as he wiped the sweat from



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his forehead.

“… … “Do you think almost all the souls have gone?”

“Yes, you’ve changed a lot. I think I can grow tremendously just by eating that. “I can definitely grow at least two soul bottles, as well as you and me.”

In war, there are bound to be enormous casualties.

Naturally, Jinhyuk was relaxed and kind enough to let those souls go.

Jinhyeok, who had no qualms about pulling all the souls of the dead and grinding most of them, literally succeeded in acquiring a huge amount of souls.

As Balkan said with joy, there are enough soul corps to grow not only Jinhyuk

and Balkan, who worked hard to create soul corps, but also a few other soul soldiers.

“Then, since the soul troupe manufacturing is finished, shall we move on to the main topic?”

“Hmm, now is definitely the right time. Your mental strength has probably recovered somewhat, so it’s perfect for making a new soul bottle. Additionally, the

connection between the soul and the corpses, including Tune, is becoming weaker. “If you wait too long, your soul might disappear.”

“Yes, now is the time. Let’s get started right away. “Get the tune first.”

“I get it.”

A new soul disease.

It was not possible to work in an incomplete state to create people who would

reliably support Balkan, who were at the level of commanders and could be said to be the general commander, rather than people who would serve as soldiers.

Therefore, Jinhyeok attempted to recover his mental and physical strength by

creating a soul troupe as a resting process(?).


“… … Tsk, it’s not perfect either.”

Of course, perfect recovery was impossible.

Climber to the 300th floor.

There were many moments where it could be said that it was too much during

the battle with the climber who was controlling the territory.

In particular, Jinhyeok’s recovery was even slower as he had pushed his body

to the limit by using the Manlyeongsuljin with the second member at the end.

If the battle with Tune had lasted a little longer, and had kept the realm and the second member a little longer, Tune could have seen Jinhyeok’s body collapse without even lifting a finger.

“… … Still, I can’t drag it out much longer. What the Balkan guy said was not

wrong. “I can’t leave this guy waiting for me for too long.”

He did not want to make Tune wait that long, as he had said that he would wait for him with a smile on his face even until the moment of his final death.

When Jinhyeok tries his best to maintain his perfect mind as much as possible

with his imperfect body.


“I brought it, let’s get started.”

“… … Phew, yes. “I have to start.”

Tune’s cold, expressionless body is placed on a table made of stone with a thud.

Along with Vulcan’s voice announcing the start, Jinhyeok’s tired voice echoes

in the underground cavity.

Jinhyuk muttered quietly while listening to his own humming voice.


The sound grew louder as another voice was added to the rumble.

And another voice was added to the sound.

A new voice that is neither Jinhyuk nor Balkan’s.

“In the end, it turned out as I said. “My idol, my god.”

A male voice filled with laughter.

“Yes, it went as you expected. Are you satisfied now, Tune?”

“I’m satisfied. “I think this is the first time I’ve been this happy since I first created the undead.”

The main character of that voice was none other than Tune.

See you again soon.

Tune seemed truly satisfied with the reality as he said.

Of course, it never happened the way he wanted, but Jinhyuk was displeased

because it felt like it somehow moved the way he wanted.

“Well, I don’t think we’ll have a fight until later. And Cha Jin-hyuk, if you revealed your identity, I would at least tell you something.”

“I knew it anyway, so it doesn’t matter, right?”

Through the words of Tune, who seemed to know Jinhyuk from the past, Balkan learned the reason why Jinhyuk said there would be no fight, and became irritated, but Jinhyuk was not one to give in to that.

Balkan got angry at the sight of Jinhyeok shrugging his shoulders as if it was no big deal.

“It matters!”

“Hmm, it’s fun to watch you two fight, but won’t you introduce yourself? “Jinhyuk is someone I know, but I don’t know much about you or the old man.”

Tune, who was watching Balkan and Jinhyuk getting angry, asked in a calm tone.

I am confident that I know Jinhyeok better than anyone else, but on the other

hand, I know nothing about the Balkans that he so desperately wanted.

Pure question.

But the price of asking that question was high.

“… … “Big!”

“… … Don’t laugh! I am Balkan. “I am the one who created the Spirit Master profession that that damn bastard has. Who is this little brat who is lower than his damn junior making fun of?”

“Oops, sorry! I don’t know adults… … “Little Malhak meets his founder.”

Jinhyuk couldn’t hold back his laughter when asked by Tune, who thought Balkan was just a soul disease.

Vulcan, who was already extremely angry because of Jinhyuk, scolded Tune for being his favorite, and Tune, who was only at the end of the spirit master’s lineage, quickly bowed.

Since Tune can be seen as Jinhyuk’s teacher, whom he worships like a god, it

was natural for him to react that way.

“… … “Hmph, it’s done.”

“Don’t raise the corners of your mouth. “Because it’s ugly.”

“… … “Shut up.”

Of course, Jinhyuk wasn’t the one to just watch that.

Jinhyuk approached Tune, leaving behind Vulcan, who immediately lowered the corners of his mouth as he heard an adult-like politeness that he hadn’t heard in a long time.

“Tune, as a soul soldier, will you swear to give everything to me?”

Time to choose the long-awaited soul bottle.

Here, if the target spirit bottle refused, the method of suppressing it with force had to be chosen.

Naturally, the stronger the target, the more mental power was consumed, and

Jinhyeok was slightly nervous as there was a high possibility that both of the people who followed him would have to be suppressed by force.

If Tune refuses, there is a high possibility that Jinhyeok will have to give up one of Basil and Ashur Hum.

butthudWith the sound of Tune’s kneeling that conveys heaviness even in the spirit state.

“Death King Tune. I agree to serve Cha Jin-hyuk, the master of all death and souls. “How could I refuse such a joyful thing?”

“… … Yes, welcome. Tune.”

The addition of Tune, which was probably natural, followed.

With the arrival of King Tune, who would later be called the commander of the Army of Death, Jinhyeok shook off any thoughts he might have had and let out a sigh of relief.

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