Absolute Necromancer Chapter 118

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-There’s no way it ended like this.

There was nothing left in the place where the breath swept over, but Hendrick

felt a presence beyond the cloud of dust that rose from where Basil was.

A breath that erases all living things, a ray of destruction, but an attack that Shane also blocked in the first place.

“hot… … Hahaha! Good good. I think I just got overly excited… … Can I change my pants? Phew, woman… … No, I can’t believe I’m feeling aroused by a man that I never felt even when I was with Camille and Sheila! Kyahaha, this was

a rare experience! “Of course, I prefer Camille and Sheila, my soul mates, to you.”

A frivolous voice comes from a cloud of dust.

Soon, a cloud of dust flew in the wind, and Basil, covered in dust, appeared within it.

Not only was his neat suit covered in dust, but it was torn in several places, and red blood was flowing down.

But even so, Basil, covered in dust and scars, was smiling.

Her face was blushing brightly, as if she didn’t want to forget the ecstasy she felt just now.

Of course, Hendrick wasn’t going to just sit there and watch.



Breath fired again.

Unlike before, it did not gather all its energy and fly, but it had enough destructive power to be more than a deterrent and flew towards Basil again.

“… … “Do you know that the same pleasure becomes less interesting?”


However, Basil stretched out his hand in a dry voice that was 180 degrees different from before and crushed the breath with his hand.

The breath that was not material was crushed by hand, but even if the force was reduced, the breath was still breath, and Basil’s strength in blocking it with

his hand was amazing.


“It hurts.”

It wasn’t completely blocked, though.

Basil muttered as he looked down at the hand that blocked the breath, which

had been torn apart and the bones exposed so clearly that it was easy to find the remaining flesh.

-It seems like it’s already over.

When Hendrick scolded him for snorting while maintaining his dragon status,

Basil raised his head and looked at Hendrick.

“okay? I’m starting now. Camille, Sheila!”

Basil, who even had a grin on his face, harshly called out to his pet snakes.


As soon as he heard his call, a white flash flashed in the direction of the guild

union’s headquarters, and at the same time, the sound of snake scales rubbing

against the ground echoed throughout the battlefield.

The ones who approached Basil so quickly that they seemed like light were none other than Camille and Silas.

Whoosh- whoosh-

Two white snakes climbed onto Basil’s body, hissing their tongues.

Basil said, caressing Camille and Silas with his healthy hand.

“Let’s start the second round.”

-You’re arrogant for being such an asshole.

Game 2.

Hendrick snorted, knowing that this was only possible when both parties were

in a state where they could fight again.

‘The four snakes that inherited the power of the Four Emperors that he boasted about have disappeared, and one of the hands of Basil, the caster, has been

damaged, so the victory is already lost.’

Kaputa, Kabena, Karim, Karen.

They each inherited the power of the Four Emperors and were wiped out with

a single breath.

In the meantime, Hendrick also consumed a lot of energy, but was able to fire

one more breath.

In contrast, Basil lost four snakes, which could be considered his main force,

and dozens or even hundreds of snakes, so it can be said that the pendulum of

victory tilted towards Hendrick.

‘But looking at how proud it is, I’m sure it has some hidden numbers.’

Nevertheless, Hendrick did not let down his guard.

A secret trick that every climber has.

‘Especially if you’re a climber like that guy, you have to consider ‘territory’ as

well. I can’t get caught up in Dongguijin’s moves.’

In addition, the ‘area’ that high-level climbers, especially talented ones, may

have could not be ignored.

There was nothing confirmed, and although the number of floors in Basil was

in the 300s, there was something to be said.

Hendrick, who was confronting Basil with such tension, noticed a change in Basil.

-… … Snake seeping in?

The snakes named Camille and Silas, which had wrapped around Basil’s entire body, were seeping into him.

The moment Hendrick, who immediately realized that this was not an ordinary situation, opened his mouth again.



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“late. “All human beings are one body.”


Basil’s dry voice hit Hendrik’s eardrums.

At the same time, the bodies of Basil, Camille, and Silas became one, creating

an eerie sound.

The sound of bones breaking, regenerating, and being put back together again could be heard in the blink of an eye.

And right after the terrible sound stopped, Hendrick frowned at the completely changed appearance of Basil.

-Are you a snake person?

“It’s similar. “It’s just that it doesn’t even compare to him.”


The eerie sound coming from his lightly clenched fist made Hendrick tense up


As much as the tension was stretched tightly, the intense energy felt from Basil, who had completed his transformation, also weighed heavily on the battlefield.


In an atmosphere that felt like it was going to explode at any moment, it was

Basil who moved first.


The ground he stepped on cracked open, and Basil, with white scales all over

his body, flew into the sky with the momentum.

The target is Hendrick floating in the sky.

Naturally, Hendrick did not just sit back and watch.

-Shield, multiple stacks.

With the lightly thrown words, dozens of shields were created around Hendrick in an instant.

Yong-eon (龍言).

An ability that can be fully used by a dragon, one of the Four Emperors, only in dragon form.

The moment when the fraudulent ability that allows you to use available magic just by saying it is realized.

Faced with a translucent shield wall blocking him and Hendrick, Basil’s choice was not to stop but to move forward.

Kiiiiing – churrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

As the mana that exploded from Basil’s body condensed, the white scales that

had been lying down bristled.

Basil’s body began to spin rapidly, with scales bristling like blades.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

When an eerie sound of wind was heard and Basil’s figure disappeared, only a

storm of white blades took his place.

“Hoerin (廻鱗).”

Basil’s low voice rang out.

Let’s go!

The sound of shields grinding, echoing with Basil’s voice, filled the battlefield.


-… … Was it pierced?

Basil’s new model, which instantly replaced dozens of shields, arrived in front

of Hendrick.

“Hello, Hendrick.”

Basil greeted him warmly as if he had met an old friend, but Hendrick immediately went on the offensive.

-Fireball, multiple stacks. Semi Hellfire.

Just like the shields just before, dozens of fireballs appeared from thin air.

Eventually, the fireballs that gradually gathered according to Hendrick’s words

merged into a single huge fireball.


An attack with the cruel name of a degraded version of great magic that was said to be a disaster upon the earth fell on Basil.


Dozens of semi-helfires are created by combining them into one, and the resulting flames and explosions fill the surrounding area.

But soon, a white flash separated the flames and explosions and reached Hendrick.

“… … The fact is that snakes hate heat. “Didn’t you tell me?”

-It’s rather good. Because what you hate is what I like.

White flash.

In other words, Basil said as he climbed onto Hendrick’s body with a slight frown.

Of course, Hendrick was not one to apologize for his displeased expression, so he immediately shook his body.


Each time it was shaken, the massive body, which was over tens of meters long, shook rapidly and moved to shake off the flies on its back.

The wind pressure, enough to easily knock off an ordinary human, exploded at Basil, but Basil blocked it by sinking his hand into Hendrick’s back.



Although his scales were harder than steel and could lightly bounce off a decent amount of attacks, it was impossible to block the energy wrapped around the hands of Basil, who was an excellent climber before being a magician.

Hendrick gritted his teeth as he was only allowed to attack Yongrin, who had

made a pointless opening.

The stinging pain coming from my back was painful, but I realized that nothing good would come of maintaining this condition.

‘… … It went well anyway. ‘The dragon state doesn’t suit me.’

A huge size quickly becomes a huge target.

Of course, other dragons have no problem fighting with their powerful firepower and power, but Hendrick is alone.

Above all, Hendrick did not view the dragon’s condition very well.

There were certainly many things better than the human condition, and he could use a powerful ability called breath, but Hendrick was a swordsman.

And since it was difficult to even hold the sword properly, let alone swing it in

dragon state, Hendrick made a decision quickly.


As a bright halo of light exploded, Hendrick’s dark red dragon body slowly shrunk and eventually returned to human size.


As Hendrick and Basil fell from the sky and landed on the ground, a heavy sound spread around them.

“It’s a shame~ I liked it better before. Well, that’s not bad either. Is that the ‘dragon state’? Something similar to me?”

Upon landing on the ground, Hendrick returned to human form as asked by Basil, but he was not in a perfect human state.

Yongin (龍人).

It looks like a mixture of half human and half dragon.

The human-like figure with the scales of a dragon appeared similar to Basil,

who had become one with a snake, as Basil said.


Coo coo coo coo-

“It’s not a body I like, but it’s not a body that can be compared to someone like you.”

“… … Oh, that’s definitely true. Kyahaha! “It’s clear to see that the scales are trembling!”

In front of Hendrick’s wave of dragon power, Basil’s face hardened slightly and he burst out laughing, revealing his snake-like fangs.

Just because they were similar on the outside, there was no reason for them to be the same on the inside.

Just because a dragon and a snake are similar doesn’t mean people look at a snake and say it’s a dragon.

And the dragon was always superior to the snake.


Hendrick took out his ‘Dragon Sword’, which he could not draw while in dragon form, and glared at Basil.

“It’s the last time.”

“I know, I got ripped off too. Loss, loss. “No matter how much it was an opportunity to add a dragon to my collection, the other children were all the same to


Hendrick is calm and Basil is talking incoherently.

Although they seemed contradictory, the two had something in common.


“… … Still, I won’t deny that it was an enjoyable battle. “I admit it, you have the ability and qualifications to bring out my ‘madness.’”

“Same. It was such a happy time that I could have died. Dark red scales, sleek

body, and jewel-like eyes. I was satisfied just by seeing them. Kyahaha!”


The two people had very similar madness.

The two people, who were about to face their final battle, acknowledged each

other and uttered their last words with crazy smiles on their lips.


“Then go.”

Hendrick, holding the sword until its handle broke, said his final words.

“However much.”


Hearing Hendrick’s last words, Basil also responded by spreading his arms and hands wide open.

The moment when the two superhumans said their final words to each other.


Hendrick, who was the first to say the last word, left.

Hendrick swung his sword through the air like a darting arrow.

As it slowly got closer, the sword was swung just within reach of the sword.

Basil also did not stay still.

“… … Territory, Sachungjagul (蛇充藉窟).”

The ability Hendrick was most concerned about and most wary of.


There are often cases where climbers who climb a tower connect and mix each other’s mental worlds (inner worlds) and engage in fights that cause no harm

in reality.

Jinhyuk also had a similar battle with a puppet on the 10th floor.

Naturally, this was not something that everyone could do.

And bringing out one’s ‘domain’ means bringing out one’s ‘imaginary world’ into reality.

Combining and connecting each other’s inner world by touching them, and bringing out the inner world that does not exist in reality into reality.

I don’t think you can tell which one is more difficult.

Even if they look similar, everyone is different on the inside.

The ‘area’ that brings out the inner world into reality was also different for everyone.

In a world where everyone has areas with different characteristics, Basil’s area

was as follows.

[Area, Sachoongjagul (蛇充藉窟).]

A cave full of snakes.

As he said, Hendrick was able to see the horrifying sight of thousands and tens of thousands of snakes starting from Basil, establishing boundaries and creating a world.

heaven, earth.

A bizarre world where even the sun is made of snakes.

There are snakes rushing in and taking over every place.

Just watching them try to drag you into the world of snakes is scary.

‘If you get trapped, it’s over.’

In cases where the images of each other are mixed, such as in the fight between Jinhyuk and Puppet, it is not dangerous because both images coexist.

Since it is something that happens internally in the first place, it is not life-threatening.

But the ‘area’ is different.

Bringing others into your world.

For example, if you experience a lucid dream or a lucid dream, you can do anything in your dream.

To put it bluntly, a world can be created because it is a dream world.

It would be understandable if you think of entering the dream of someone who is experiencing such a lucid dream.

An ordinary person standing in front of someone who can do everything.

It was obvious who had the advantage.


Hendrick took a deep breath as he looked at the snakes that occupied about 8

0% of the area.

“Whoa… … ”

Being trapped in an enemy world would be full of disadvantages.

Song on all sides.

Hendrick, now in a situation where he could not escape, simply moved forward.

“Dividing the world.”


As he took a light step forward, the completed sword strike lightly cut into something.

It was an attack no different from an ordinary sword strike, but the difference

between Hendrick’s sword strike and an ordinary sword strike is that the ordinary sword strike only cut the ‘opponent’, and Hendrick’s sword strike… … .

“… … What nonsense is this? My area… … Cutting my world with a sword… …

Is it okay?”

It just cut down the world.

Furthermore, Basil, the owner of that world, is also there.

It was said that Hendrick’s ‘Dividing the World’ was just before the completion of Basil’s territory, ‘The Deathly Hallows’, but it was the moment when it was

completely cut down.

No matter how immature it may be, it may not even be complete.

I opened my mouth as I saw Hendrick cutting down his world with just a single sword.

“also… … you… … It has to be in my cage… … Even if I die, I will pursue you…… ! Hahahaha!”

Basil, who did not let go of his obsession with Hendrick until the moment the

life slowly drained from his red eyes, ended his life as obsessed as he was.

It could be said to be a fitting end to his lifelong obsession with being a ‘snake’.

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