Absolute Necromancer Chapter 117

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‘Is he coming?’

Although he was entangled by Kaputa, Hendrick’s spirit was intact.

Three powerful energies caught in a sharply forged energy.

‘A snake with the power of the Four Emperors. ‘They’ll be shocked if they find


The Four Emperors view their power as being along the same lines as themselves.

If they found out about this, even Basil wouldn’t be able to climb the tower.

‘Well, that’s not what’s important right now.’

Later, he gets caught by the Four Emperors and an order to kill Basil is given,

or he gets cut off like himself.

One thing was important.

‘A way to block that destructive energy that is still getting closer. I need that.’

No matter how much he struggled, it was nearly impossible to free Kaputa’s body.

This is because although the dragon power is close to all-purpose power, it cannot defeat Kaputa, who has the power of a giant, also called ‘giant power’ or ‘super power’, which is the energy that pours everything into one power.

‘The answer is fixed.’

However, Hendrick did not only have ‘dragon power’, nor did he only have ‘sword skills’.

‘I hate to write this, but there is no doubt that it will be the most helpful in this situation… … .’

Hendrick has continued to control himself through mind control, but he still cannot help but feel reluctant.

‘I can’t help it.’

Changes began to occur in Hendrick, who made a decision with a deep sigh.


It was the moment when my body began to change.

* * *

“It’s over.”

Basil smiled leisurely as he looked at the three rays of destruction.

The perfect combination of the four snakes he boasts of.

A simple but destructive combo where Kaputa ties up and the other three snakes attack.

Any strong person so far has collapsed in front of this connection.

‘The tune was similar too.’

The match against Tune, who can be said to be a close friend, was also similar.

Of course, it was very difficult to stand in front of Tune with an overwhelming

amount of volume, but once they reached it, they were able to secure victory, so there was no doubt about their power.

Well, it wasn’t that there were some disappointing aspects.

“It’s not much compared to the energy of the true Four Emperors.”

Although the four snakes possessed the power of the Four Emperors, they did

not actually possess their power itself.

“No matter how much of a spirit the White Snake is, it is impossible to fully accept the power of the Four Emperors.”

Strange animals and plants live in the tower.

Among them, there are those who take on other people’s faults and take on their abilities.

White Snake was exactly that type of being.

A snake that digests what it eats and turns the target’s abilities into its own.

Of course, it was no ordinary snake.

Not only was it difficult to get it, but what Basil fed them was also unusual.

“After eating the by-products of the Four Emperors, there are only four things

that have been completed, and even those are not perfect… … Well, it doesn’t

matter anyway. “Now we will get the real ‘Balara clan’.”

White snakes, which are difficult to obtain, are fed by-products of the Four Hwang family, which are also difficult to obtain.

The result was Basil’s proud four snakes.

Kaputa, Karen, Karim, Kabena.

That’s how they were born.

What was disappointing for them was that they couldn’t properly convey their

energy, but Basil didn’t care.

Now he will get his hands on a ‘dragon’ named Hendrick.


“… … Kaputa?”

But even for a moment.

Basil’s smile was broken by the sound of Kaputa writhing in pain before the destruction ray reached him.

Basil’s face stiffened as he felt Kaputa’s body shaking at the same time as he screamed in pain.

“Jin, Sabakgwe…” … !”

This is because Basil’s camp, Sabakkwe, centered around Kaputa, was being broken.

Naturally, the reason was Kaputa.

“Kaputa, keep your posture!”

-I know that too. If you continue to maintain Jin and Sabakgwe, you will die.

“… … Hendrick!”

Basil, who was calming the struggling Kaputa, ground his teeth when he heard Hendrick’s voice coming from inside Kaputa.

This is because I realized that the reason Kaputa is struggling now is because

of Hendrick’s actions.

Basil, who was trembling with embarrassment and anger, had to watch with his own eyes as Kaputa unwrapped the gin and sabakgwe in pain.



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Kaputa, who returned to Basil’s side as quickly as he had rushed at Hendrick,

rubbed his face against Basil in a way that was not appropriate for his size.

The moment he felt the cool touch of Kaputa, Basil felt calm and took a deep


‘It’s okay, anyway, Jin, I was planning on disarming Sabakgwe before the destruction ray reached. It’s over now anyway.’


While he was taking a deep breath, the beams of destruction that flew towards Hendrick struck exactly where Hendrick was.

An earth-shattering binge.

When Basil smiles like a winner, feeling the ground shaking violently as if an earthquake had occurred.

-Why are you smiling?

“… … how!”

My smile shattered again when I heard Hendrick’s voice sounding normal.

When Basil’s voice filled with confusion rang out.

The smoke slowly cleared, revealing the spot where Hendrick was.

“under! Hahaha! okay! Hendrick! “I was just waiting for that sight!”

And upon seeing Hendrick’s revealed appearance, Basil let out a voice full of joy, forgetting even his embarrassment and anger.

– Tremble with joy and die.

“I want to have you more. “Even if it means exchanging my life!”

As the smoke cleared, a huge dark red dragon appeared in the mess.

The only way Hendrick was able to escape Kaputa’s true evil, Sabakgwe.

It was immediately transformed into a dragon state.

As something bigger than Kaputa’s huge size was created inside, Kaputa, unable to keep its tightness, ended up giving up.

Kaputa’s Jin and Sabak’s orbit were shattered, and the destruction rays were also unable to do proper damage due to Yongrin’s hardness, but Basil was happy.

“Shiny scales! Two jewel-like eyes! Long tail! Perfect! “It’s the perfect shape I

was drawing!”

Basil, who had been mumbling with his face flushed like an artist facing a masterpiece of art, spread his arms wide and shouted.

“Children, please welcome your new brother.”

Shish shish shish-

Four snakes moving quickly along the floor while shouting.

Their movements, each with different characteristics, were the same as if they

were one.

The four snakes approached Hendrick, who instantly took the form of a dragon with the same movement, and poured out various attacks towards Hendrick.


Kaputa used his large size and strong strength to wrap around Hendrick’s arms, legs, and neck.


Karim, who had the magic energy wrapped around his body, attacked Yongrin with the magic energy at the forefront.


Kabena, who was imbued with dragon power and looked the closest to a dragon, opened his mouth wide and continued to pour out his breath.

He chose to constantly unleash the dragon’s most powerful special move.


In contrast, Karen did not attempt a direct attack.

By unleashing divine power, the other three snakes chose to assist so that they could make a more perfect attack.

So the four snakes each chose the best method they could, and the result was… …

-Is that all?

It was miserable.

Wow… …

-Whoosh? Easy?

Kaputa, who had been constricting Hendrick’s limbs and neck with his enormous size and powerful strength, could not help but be embarrassed in the face

of a force even stronger than that.


-… … Whoosh?

Karim, who was about to bite Yongrin while surrounded by demonic energy that destroys everything in his path, fell silent in front of Yongrin, who repelled

the demonic energy.

Chii Iik-


Unlike the others, the breath fired by Kabena succeeded in melting Yongrin’s

exterior, but that was all.

Just by looking at the sight of Cabena hitting the floor with his tail in exasperation, you can see that he was unable to inflict any significant damage to Hendrick.

Tsutsutsu… …

Finally, Karen’s divine power also faded as she gave up her own attack and chose to assist the three remaining snakes.

Since none of the three were able to successfully attack, strengthening them with divine power was of no use.

“… … “Is this the dragon race?”

The four snakes he was proud of were completely destroyed in the area he was most confident in.

Kaputa is by force.

Karim lost in the battle of spear and shield.

I only realized that Cabena was a lower dragon than Hendrick.

Kaben’s divine power did not give others enough strength to overcome racial


There is a saying that there is no business in front of Daguri, but this proves that it is just a word that has no use in front of Hendrick.


The moment when Basil once again realized the strength of one of the four races that encompass the entire 999-story tower, and that is always mentioned when discussing the strongest.

-I received so much that I have no idea what to return first.

With the voice of Hendrick muttering calmly even after welcoming the joint effort of the four strongest snakes.

-Okay, let’s collect them all and return them all at once.

A calm voice was heard again.

-Take it. This is the real ‘breath’.

The moment when Hendrick’s mouth drops open.

Coo coo coo coo coo-

The air around me has changed.

Jin, after Sabakwe.

Compared to the beam of destruction that the three snakes were preparing, it

was a concentration of energy so powerful that it made you think of the difference between a child and an adult.

Basil burst into laughter as he looked at the ‘real’ destruction ray slowly gathering inside Hendrick’s wide-open mouth.

“Hehehe, yes. This is how it should be… … “This is how you deserve to be my


Of course, this does not mean that Basil was scared when he saw the destruction ray.

Rather, it would have been more correct to say that Basil, who exuded strong

possessiveness, was driven to madness.


Quagga gagagak-!!!

And Hendrick fired the beam of destruction he had gathered at Basil, who opened his red eyes and spread his arms wide.

The ‘real’ breath that erupted, shattering the air and completely erasing the surroundings, attacked the four snakes, including Basil.


The first was Kaputa, who stood resolutely in front of the snakes and tried to

protect them.

He was able to withstand the pounding breath with his hard scales and tough

muscles, but he couldn’t even leave a trace of blood in front of the real thing,

which couldn’t compare to the fake they shot out.



Next was Karim.

He poured out all of his magical energy and fired back.

Breath and unstable magic energy that maintained their momentum even after melting Kaputa.

Naturally, the winner was Breath.



The third was Karen.

A dazzling level of divine power.

If her divine power was as strong as Ashur Hum’s, she might have been able to block Hendrick’s breath.

Ashur Hum’s divine power was like the sun.

However, compared to Ashur Hum, Karen’s divine power was nothing more than a firefly in front of the sun.

In addition, Hendrick’s breath was worthy of being called the sun.

And in front of the sun, the fireflies could not emit their light properly and were only eaten.

Karen was no different.

Even after devouring Kaputa and Karim, I was swept away by the breath that

did not lose its momentum and faced the same situation as before.


Lastly, Cabena, the last and most powerful of the four snake siblings(?), stood

in front of Breath.


Like Karim, he launched a counterattack against the breath flying towards him.

However, there was no difference other than the difference between the counter fire and the magic and breath.

In fact, the ending was no different from Karim’s.

Fake can’t beat the real thing.

Can Cabena, who has merely absorbed a small amount of the by-products of the dragon race, block the breath of the ‘real’ dragon race?

This is ridiculous.

Naturally, Cabena also followed in the footsteps of the previous siblings and was swallowed up by the breath.

“Yes, come! “I will accept you, hendryiiike!!!”

Even though the four snakes he loved passed away without even leaving a trace of blood, Basil was actually happy.

This is because Hendrick’s breath, which did not lose its momentum even after eating four fish, was proof of Hendrick’s strength.

Basil opened his arms wide to welcome the onslaught of breath and disappeared into the breath.

Revenge for the ray of destruction that Hendrick suffered from the snake siblings just moments ago was delivered to Basil with several times the interest.

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