Absolute Necromancer Chapter 116

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“I think we’ve already started off on the right foot, so why don’t you do it right too?”

In a battlefield that became chaotic due to the invasion of Taoists, there was a place where time seemed to pass differently.

Hendrick shook his head with an expressionless face towards Basil, who was talking leisurely.

“You don’t know how to care about extending the last days of someone who will die soon.”

“Be considerate… … That’s not something a pet should say. “That is up to me, the

owner, to decide.”

The area around the two people, who were engaged in a battle without pushing each other, was so quiet that not a single ant could crawl around.

The mercenaries, gold soldiers, and guild members who participated in the guild war all know this.

-If you get caught in that, you will die.

-You can never fight there.

Basil and Hendrick.

Let alone getting involved in a fight between two people, if you just fight around them, you could die just from the aftermath of their fight.

Therefore, unlike other places, the two were able to face off without any attacks for quite a long time.

‘It’s not that easy.’

‘Ugh, my kids are scared. It’s rare. As expected, it has the majesty of my first pet.’

But it wasn’t like the two people were just doing nothing.

A confrontation of invisible spirits.

This is the moment when Hendrick is aiming for an opening with his sharply forged spirit, and Basil is pushing the snakes little by little.

Although no one saw it, the confrontation between the two had already been going on for dozens of minutes.

“Do you have any will? I’ll put it on the corpses of your snakes. “Everything is handmade.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t want to die leaving my new pet behind. Let’s live happily ever after, Hendrick~?”

The provocation that gets on each other’s nerves is also a type of attack that goes

along with it.

In fact, each word or word they say makes each other flinch and a slight gap appears between them.

Now dozens of minutes have passed.

“… … “Sabakgwe (蛇縛櫃)!”

The first wave has begun.

The first was Hendrick’s weakness.

With Hendrick flinching, Basil stretches out his hand, capturing the fleeting moment when the gaps accumulated so far are accumulating.

Sushi Sisik-

In an instant, dozens or hundreds of snakes flew through the air, strengthening their bodies with mana and entangling Hendrick’s entire body.

[Death, snakes.]

[Bak(縛), made by tying.]

[Gwe (櫃), gwan.]

Like a coffin made of snakes, the living snakes became tangled and turned Hendrick into the coffin itself.

Arms, legs, body.

In the end, the pressure of the snakes wrapping around my face crushed my skin and my complexion turned pale as blood stopped flowing.

“… … “If you think you can tie me up with just this, you are mistaken.”


The voice of Hendrick, who was so wrapped up in snakes that he could not even be seen, rang out.

At the same time, a sound as if something was twisting or breaking was heard.


An additional grinding sound was heard.


Soon, the corpses of the snakes, cut in half as if a rope had broken with an explosion, were scattered in the air.

Reddened skin.

What gushes out within it is none other than… …

“… … Dragon power. It’s not easy either. Well, I didn’t think we could catch them

with just those kids.”

It was dragon power.

Dragon power, also known as the unique power of the dragon race.

It was an energy that could safely be said to have been created to efficiently handle the enormous mana created in the hearts of the dragon race.

However, the word ‘efficient’ only applies to the dragon race.

“There is no way an ordinary climber could combine tens or hundreds of times the

amount of mana into a small amount of millet and collect them. “One effect doesn’t

seem like a joke.”

Basil shrugged his shoulders and acted as if this situation did not matter to him, but his body was trembling with excitement.

The more Hendrick showed his mighty side, the more the pleasure of taming Hendrick began to shake his whole body.

Just by lightly unleashing his dragon power, he instantly exploded the Sabakkwe, which he could not have released with his physical abilities.

‘If all the dragon power were to be unleashed, how powerful would it be?’

I know that the dragon in front of me is a young dragon.

We also know that he is not the type to continue the battle with the powerful destructive power that comes from the body of the dragon race, but rather has a strong technical aspect.

But still, Basil wanted to see the primal destructive power emanating from the drag

on race itself.

“Ka— pew— ta—!!!!”

So it seems there is no need to save Basil.

He once again took out Kaputa, one of his strongest snakes, which he had taken out during his first meeting(?) with Hendrick.




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As soon as it heard its master’s call, Kaputa revealed its enormous size to the world.

The sight of Kaputa sticking out its tongue, which is so long that you might as well

count it in meters due to its enormous size, is terrifying to look at.

In the first place, it was difficult to see it as a snake anymore, so didn’t they say it


“It looks like a dragon, not a snake.”


As Hendrick said, Kaputa is no longer bound by the limitations of the snake species.

It also resembles that of the Imoogi.

Kaputa resembles the one that developed its soul through training in the past and

ultimately transformed from a snake into a dragon.

Naturally, its strength did not reach the Imoogi.

But still, there was no being that could ignore Kaputa, at least below the 300th floor.

Kuuk… …

“It’s going to be a pretty tough fight.”

That also applied to Hendrick.

60th floor.

Because that is Hendrick’s current floor number and it is like a certificate proving

the current Hendrick.

No matter how strong Hendrick is beyond the number of floors, the number of floors tells everything.

Talent that will surpass the 300th floor.

Talent that will surpass the 600th floor.

Talent that will surpass the 900th floor.

A person who can become a god or a devil.

In the long history of TOP, countless such talented people have emerged.

Most of them, depending on their talents, reached the 300th floor, the 600th floor,

the 900th floor, and even reached the top of the tower, becoming gods or demons.


“Now I am just a lamb longing for time.”

Most does not mean everything.

[A talented person who can reach the 300th floor dies on the 100th floor.]

[A talented person who can climb to the 600th floor is stabbed to death before climbing the tower.]

[A talented person who will reach the 900th floor becomes a ruined person because his or her mind is broken.]

Stories like this were common.

Or, there are frequent cases of being killed by a political enemy or eliminated in advance by someone who recognizes the enemy.

Therefore, Hendrick was not conceited.

Kaputa was strong, and Basil, who commanded him, was even stronger.

A climber who surpassed the 900th floor?

A dragon slayer who cut down dozens of dragons?

‘That guy was kicked out last night.’

He had already laid down on the cold earth of the 900th floor.

My whole body might have been torn to pieces.

Hendrick smiled bitterly as he remembered the group of Four Emperors who came

to kill him.

Is the body I spent my entire life torn apart, or is it just lying rotting on the floor?

The current Hendrick did not know.

There is only one thing that Hendrick knows now.

‘Now I’m just Hendrick, a climber on the 60th floor. It’s just Hendrick, the vice guild leader of Yeokcheon.’

He is a climber on the 60th floor and the vice-guild leader of Yeokcheon, where Jinhyeok is the leader.

“It is something that will cut you down. Remember, my name is Hendrick.”

The climber in front of you.

It’s just Hendrick who will cut down Death King Basil.

“… … Good. Do you like it. I feel like my heart is pounding for someone for the first time in a long time. “I’ve never felt this way except for Camille and Sheila.”

“I will burst that pounding heart with my own hands before it explodes on my own.”

“Haha! good! If it’s in your hands, it’s fine, but… … “Still, it’s better to keep you in

my cage and raise you.”

Hendrick frowned at the sight of Basil scanning his lips with his red tongue dripping with saliva as if looking at delicious food.

But even for a moment.



Basil, who instantly erased his expression as if his previous appearance was a lie, called out to Kaputa in a low voice.


“Jin(眞), Sabakgwe(蛇縛櫃).”

“… … !”

Hendrick felt as if the world was crashing down on him.

Jin, Sabakwe.

The Kaputa that attacked, as if to show off that it was a true Sabakwe, was very scary.

‘It’s not even comparable to what it was just before.’

Hendrick gritted his teeth at the speed and pressure that was incomparable to the

attack of dozens or hundreds of snakes.

“Dividing the forest.”

Quad deuk-

Since he wasn’t sure whether he would be able to escape properly if the situation

was the same as before, Hendrick immediately took out his sword.

Cutting the forest, which I used in my sparring with Shane, clearly showed my ability.

The technique that split the forest on the 60th floor in half shattered the surrounding area and exploded onto the flying Kaputa.


“… … Ha, let’s say blocking is okay, but being okay isn’t a bit excessive… … “Big!”

However, Kaputa, who was rushing in, just showed off his strength by blocking Hendrick’s forest cut with his strong body.

The steel-like scales shed the impact, creating a shock wave that sweeps around.


Kaputa, aiming for that very moment, wrapped around Hendrick with his huge body.

Hendrick, who was in a state similar to the one he suffered from the previous hit, struggled.

bang-! Quang! bang!

As I was kicking my stomach and struggling, I heard Basil’s voice from outside.

“You can’t solve Kaputa that way. “He is one of the four children I am proud of.”

“… … That’s right, snakes can’t stop me… … all!”

No matter how powerful a snake is, a snake is still a snake.

In front of humans, they are just reptiles.

That was Hendrick’s idea.

But even for a moment.

Hendrick couldn’t help but be surprised by Basil’s next words.

“okay? That guy inherited the power of the ‘giants’. “He’s not bragging about being the biggest among your kids for nothing.”

“… … “That’s ridiculous.”


When Hendrick couldn’t help but be surprised at the fact that he had inherited the

power of the very same race, one of the Four Emperors.

“Then I’ll have to finish this quickly and put you in a cage. “I don’t think the situation is very good.”

Basil prepared to finish.

Basil called the other three children to him, who was unable to move due to being

hit by a real, dead snake.

“Karim, Karen, Kabena.”

Shish shish shish-

The sound of a snake accompanied by a call.

The eerie sound of scales rubbing against the floor echoes around Basil.




“This is Karim. Among the Four Emperors, they have a strong desire to win, perhaps because they inherited the power of the demons.”


First, Karim, a snake spewing demonic energy from his entire body, appeared.



“This guy is Karen. Likewise, among the Four Emperors, I inherited the power of the Elyos.”

Second, Karen, a snake spouting the radiance of divine power, appeared.

-Shh! Sigh!

“… … This guy is Cabena, who inherited the power of a dragon like you. “I don’t know if it will feel good to meet similar friends.”

Lastly, unlike other snakes, Cabena, a snake that seemed to have arrogance wrapped around its entire body, appeared.

A total of four, including the Kaputa that wrapped around Hendrick.

At the same time, the four snakes that consumed the power of all the Four Emperors and made it their own appeared.


“… … Kwaaaah!!!”

Kaputa rolled over roughly.

Naturally, Hendrick, trapped inside Kaputa, let out a painful scream.

Despite the screams being powerful enough to terrify anyone who heard them, Basil and his beloved snakes opened their mouths wide.

“Come on, be my fifth child, Hendrick.”


Several times larger than ordinary snakes.

Of course, the snakes were smaller than Kaputa, but large enough for an adult female or male, and a destructive energy gathered in their open mouths.


A moment when a destructive energy like the breath of a dragon gathers.

Basil gave the order to fire in a dry, emotionless voice unlike before.


Three rays of destruction that seemed to erase the world flew towards Hendrick, who was in Kaputa.

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