Absolute Necromancer Chapter 115

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All Master Necromancer Episode 115

“… … To the extent that I even had to use divine power. “I don’t know if they are great or if you are useless.”

Ashur Hum, who scattered the divine power that instantly covered the battlefield, showed his emotions for the first time.


All of the guild leaders who were fighting far away had to drop as he spoke, full of

irritation at the situation in which he had to step up to this extent.

Although he was far away and his voice was so low that it could be said to be small, I could clearly feel the anger and frustration he was emitting.

“… … “Knock the kid to pieces!”

“It would be dangerous if we waited any longer. Ashur will be angry.”

The guild leaders, who not only healed and recovered their wounds and physical strength but also strengthened their bodies through Ashur Hum’s divine power, moved quickly.

Because no one wanted to be hated by Ashur Hum for no reason.

The physical strength and healed wounds alone were enough to widen the gap, but

since even the physical abilities were strengthened, it was natural that the weight of

victory would once again be tilted towards the guild alliance.

“… … Ugh.”

“I don’t know where the momentum from earlier went.”

“Little one, I recognize your abilities, but I don’t have time to play with you anymore.”

-Wow, if I could unleash my power just a little more, I would have cut down those

bastards in one fell swoop!

The lower class had the upper hand through the power of the dragon slayer sword

and the assistance of the puppet, but most of their stamina and energy had already

been consumed in the arduous battle.

There was no way to maintain an advantage over May and Dark Sword, who had suddenly recovered from their injuries and stamina, and even their physical abilities had increased, erasing some of their penalties.

It was the same on the other side as well.


“… … it hurts.”

“It must have been fun running away, right? “You little fox!”

“Whoa, what a fly. “It’s so fast, but its strength is so TPS.”

Miho, hit by Dyke’s heavy fist, flew tens of meters into the air and fell to the ground.

Miho, who created a long furrow, frowns while covered in dirt.

Dyke and Beck Julio laughed at Miho.

The ridicule was even more intense because Miho, who possesses great strength in

addition to her light movements, showed an appearance that was close to toying with the two people by showing off her skills with the help of a puppet.

In an attempt to forget the indecent behavior they had just experienced, they pushed Miho roughly.

“Hmm, things aren’t going well for everyone.”

Fortunately, things were okay for Ken.

Ken’s opponents are Carl Ernoa and Hayden.

Since both of them were wizards, recovering stamina and wounds was meaningless.

Since the divine power could not even restore the consumed mana, Carl Ernoa and

Hayden did not see any benefit.

But that didn’t mean Ken was relaxed.

-I think we need to pay more attention to the other two.

“Whew, I can’t help it. Please take good care of Miss Miho and Miss Ha-Ryu.”

-… … It will come soon.

This is because the puppet, which had been assisting Ken until now, gave more strength to Miho and Ha-ryu, who were suddenly losing ground, and the degree of assistance to Ken decreased sharply.

A ray of cold sweat was dripping from Ken’s forehead as he faced the outstanding

wizards Carl Ernoa and Hayden alone again.

A weight tilted almost perfectly.

Looking at that scene, Ashur Hum took a shaky step.

“It’s over now.”

“… … “If you come close, you will die together.”


Shane aimed the gun loaded with the ‘Anti Matter Bullet’ he had used in the previous sparring with Hendrick and Jinhyeok at the approaching Ashur Hum.

A literal self-destructor that can destroy its surroundings.

Ashur Hum slowly walked towards Shane, who had loaded the weapon, which could be said to be the last bastion, as not only the guild leader of the guild alliance but

also all other climbers including Ha Ryu were swept away.

“They have already lost their value. And I can survive your attacks. “If I can consume all of you and them together, it would be an infinitely better outcome for me.”

“… … “Crazy guy!”

You can live yourself.

It would be even better if the guild leaders of the guild alliance were replaced with

the climbers from Yeokcheon.

They have already disappointed Ashur Hum, the two stars of his master’s ‘Holy Kingdom’.

It was a disservice to Cain Fallon and Carmen Fallon.

loyal subordinate.

No, Ashur Hum, who could easily be called a dog, actually wanted Shane to shoot the Anti-Matter Bullet.

That way, you can cleanly absorb their power and redistribute it again or make it into one huge power.

“Are you going to shoot? Or won’t you shoot? “No matter what you choose, defeat

will await you, but if you don’t shoot, you might at least be able to save your life.”



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Of course, it didn’t matter even if I didn’t shoot.

The treatment of guild leaders can be handled as expected by formally reporting to

the higher-ups.

One way or another, it can be said that it is a beneficial situation for Ashur Hum.


Knowing that, Shane gritted his teeth and froze with his finger on the trigger.

Has there ever been a day when the light trigger you’ve been pulling your whole life felt this heavy? The trigger wasn’t pulled enough to make me think.

Maybe it was because the finger that was supposed to pull the trigger had become

hard, as if it had been under a petrification spell.


Every time he thought about it, the sound of Ashur Hum’s footsteps shook Shane’s

eardrums, and Shane, who had imagined pulling the trigger dozens of times a second, could not make a decision until Ashur Hum reached a few steps away from him.

“You’re indecisive. “Isn’t it true that one can be considered a professional if he or

she is willing to throw away his or her own life for a purpose or for his or her master?”

With only a few steps left, Ashur Hum criticizes Shane for his indecisiveness.

At a time when her heart was filled with hurt from the pinching that Shane could

not even deny.

Ashur Hum drew out his pure white sword.

“After you, they will also follow. The puppeteer behind you, the goblin girl, the fox

girl, and the lightning wizard. And the dragon clan that is confronting the Death King, and even the wild dog cub that bared its teeth at the Holy Kingdom.”

In a low-pitched voice, he leaves heavy words like a death sentence to those who are fighting with the guild leader, fighting with others, or waiting for their time.

Puppet, Haru, Miho, Ken, Hendrick.

Furthermore, Jinhyeok, the owner of ‘Yeokcheon’, is watching everything from the

60th floor city wall.

Ashur Hum, who wrote down everyone’s names in the kill book, was about to make the final point.

“I think I’m too late for this~ Brother, no, I don’t know if I’m going to get scolded

by you.”

The man’s soft voice echoed softly in a battlefield filled with blood splattering and

the sound of clashing weapons.

When an infinitely light but infinitely heavy voice weighs down the battlefield.

“Flashing in the east-”

“… … “Wow!”

“This mi… … !”


A blunt voice devoid of emotion was heard along with the sound of something breaking, and the jaws of Dyke and Beck Julio, who were confronting Miho, turned.

The attack of the man who suddenly appeared in front of them, swinging his fist,

was as fast as the wind, so Dyke and Beck Julio could not even resist.

But the voice didn’t end just once.

“It flashed in the book-”


When the next voice was heard, a heavy echo was heard from the area where the stream was fighting in the opposite direction of the battlefield where Miho was fighting Dyke and Beck Julio.

It was the sound of a long baton pressing down on Mei and Amgeom’s solar plexus.

The two were unable to even react and gave up their solar plexus as the powerful

pole pressed down on their solar plexus as quickly as the wind.

“… … “Knock!”

“Keuuk… … .”

The voice moved on, leaving behind the two who were lying on the floor unable to

breathe properly, with the illusion of having their solar plexus pierced.

“Appears when you need help-”

Wood clatter-

Carl Ernoa, Hayden.

The last row of the battlefield where the two men were.

The man who appeared there, with his hair tied up with a white string and wearing a dianthus, looked like a ghost.

It’s a new day.

He literally appeared in front of Carl Ernoa and Hayden and instantly broke the canes they were holding like wood carvings.

Carl Ernoa and Hayden, who lost their main weapons in an instant, were staring blankly at the broken staff.

The dianthus man disappeared again.

This is none other than the place where the man who disappeared in front of Carl

Ernoa and Hayden last appeared.

“The Taoist – Hong Gil-dong. “Brother, you’re going to stop harassing a beautiful

woman and stick with me, right?”

“Are you a Taoist? “You’re arrogant.”

It was in front of Ashur Hum, right in front of Shane.

Hong Gil Dong.

When he boldly appeared in front of Ashur Hum, the head of the guild union, Ashur Hum glared at Hong Gil-dong with a cold gaze and said,

“Do you think you can stop us alone? “Maybe it’s because I’m a Taoist monk, but I

have a flower garden in my head.”

Hong Gil-dong’s abilities were clearly amazing.

He demonstrated an uncanny ability to traverse the entire battlefield in an instant,

something that was impossible not only for the guild leaders but also for Ashur Hum himself.

Furthermore, in the process, they succeeded in carrying out a meaningful attack on the guild leaders.

But that was all.

“Off, damn it… … .”

“… … “I thought it was a ghost.”

“My wand!”

All of the guild leaders who were attacked by Hong Gil-dong were alive.

They only suffered minor damage, such as cracked bones, pain, or the wand that helped with magic was shattered.

In other words, there is no loss of power as a result.

In such a situation, there is no way that anything will change just because Hong Gil-dong is added.

Haru, Miho, Shane, Puppet, Ken.

Even if you add Hong Gil-dong to the five people, there are six.

On the other hand, there were a total of ten guild alliances that managed to control the damage, even to Jose Yan of Giant Hippo.

There is still a difference of four people and the quality is not inferior.

Since they are outnumbered, it is impossible to turn this situation around no matter how good Hong Gil-dong is.

“Hmm, I never said I was alone. “Hyung?”

“… … ?”

It was like that.

If Hong Gil-dong had been ‘alone’, it would have been impossible to turn the tables.

But what if you’re not alone?

“Now, it’s time for the heavy-butted Taoist monks to show up!”


People wearing robes popping out from all over the battlefield while humming words like Hong Gil-dong.

The total number of young men and women, evenly mixed, is ten.

Hong Gil-dong shrugged his shoulders as he watched them advance, beating up scattered executives.

“I learned something last time, there’s nothing you can’t catch if you stick to it. Brother. Ten skilled dosa. “Do you think this won’t turn the tables?”

Hong Gil-dong chuckles as he gives bitter advice.

“… … “Can you handle this guy?”

Only then did Ashur Hum realize that the situation was rapidly changing, and his face hardened, but Hong Gil-dong only used his little finger to listen to Whoville.

“Hehe, without further ado, just come at me. A Taoist does not forget grace. Even if it means harm to us.”

Hong Gil-dong, who had been acting politely by blowing the earwax on his finger

toward Ashur Hum, answered seriously for the first time.


Hong Gil-dong gently grabbed the wooden baton, swung it around, and shouted,

mentioning the kindness he felt towards Jin-hyeok for taking care of Hong Ik-hyeon, who had been reduced to a bastard because of him, and even returning his body.

“Masters of Yuldo, let’s make a big stir!!!”

“… … “Eolssu!”

With Hong Gil-dong’s excited shouts, the Taoists shaking their shoulders in excitement all over the battlefield began to move in earnest.

Beating up the executives, one by one, Miho, Ha-ryu, etc.

With the movement of the gurus moving forward to help the climbers in Yeokcheon, the weight that had been completely tilted towards the guild union sways.

“Okay then, let’s hang out, bro!”

“You won’t die a nice death, Taoist monk.”

Ashur Hum looked at Hong Gil-dong, who was smiling brightly, and belittled him,

calling him a guru with a hard face.

In fact, there was no damage to Hong Gil-dong, who was the target.

“Haha, is that exactly what you’re referring to? You know me very well, bro. Are you going to Stoke? Sorry, but I like pretty women! “Do you think the God you believe in prevents homos*xuality?”

The moment when Hong Gil-dong scratches Ashur Hum’s stomach with words that

irritate the listener.


Same divine power as before.

With the addition of Ashur Hum’s anger, a much more powerful divine power burst out.

“I will tie your fluttering mouth and offer it to God as a sacrifice to forgive your sins.”

“I’m sorry, but even my father can’t stop my mouth! “If the nobleman on the wall over there asks, I can think about it, but not you!”

The voice of Ashur Hum, who is angry beyond irritation, and Hong Gil-dong’s voice, teasing him again, resound.

Thus, the second phase of Yeokcheon and Guild Alliance, opened by Ashur Hum,

began in earnest with the joining of the Taoists.

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