Absolute Necromancer Chapter 111

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Episode 111


I feel like I’m getting my nose cut with my eyes open.

Tune could not help but tremble as he felt an unfamiliar feeling for the first time in his life.

“It was clear that they had the upper hand, but it wasn’t long before they became equal… … under! After all, a top is a top. Are you getting stabbed in the back when you try to trust someone?”

Tune knew that the advantage was not so much that it was overwhelming.

However, it was clear that he had the upper hand, so Tune gritted his teeth.

He stood at an advantageous high point and slowly destroyed his opponent, and in the end, he tried to take on Jinhyuk head-on, but all his plans went to waste, so it was natural.

“Ashur Hum, are everyone else gathered?”

Tune said while glaring sharply at Ashur Hum, the only one among the guild leaders who respected him.

Ashur Hum nodded with a blunt face, knowing full well that this respect was given not out of respect for him, but because he was a threat.

“It’s waiting outside. “We selected about five executives from each group and brought them with us.”

“Whew, that’s better.”

Although they thought they were useless bugs, their power was indispensable in this situation.

The low-ranking guild members’ self-importance was no longer able to be used as a meat shield due to the subsequent large-scale attack from the opposing wizard.

Without the strength of the guild leaders and executives of each guild, the war situation could have not only escalated but even turned around in an instant.


Therefore, Tune immediately pulled down the tent and took long strides outside.

As soon as he went outside, the nine guild leaders, excluding Ashur Hum, looked at Tune with fearful eyes.

An attitude shown because they know full well that the current situation was created through a mixture of their own faults and shortcomings.

“You are well aware of your mistakes.”

A voice full of coolness.

Although they did not criticize their mistakes, the guild leaders closed their mouths as they felt the sting of a sharply sharpened sword.

Even their boss, the guild leader, was shutting up, and none of the executives spoke up, so amidst the commotion of the guild war, the area in front of Tune’s barracks was as quiet as before the opera began.

“I have no intention of blaming you now. It’s also my fault for not properly understanding your level. Add to that my mistake of not being able to push you away, and I will leave the matter behind for now.”

“… … !”

The faces of the guild leaders brightened with anger.

In fact, I didn’t think they could be blamed while the guild war was in full swing, but I couldn’t be at ease because Tune didn’t know where to go.

In the meantime, he said that he would leave the matter behind for now, so it is natural for him to be pleased.

“But if you guys don’t perform well in this guild battle… … I might add Dullahan and Skeleton Wizard to my ‘deaths’.”

“… … !!!”

Of course, I had no intention of just burying their mistakes.

“If you don’t want to die, move until you die.”

The guild leaders were not so clueless that they did not know what it meant to say that Dullahan and Skeleton Wizards were added to Tune’s army of ‘Death’.

‘… … Are you saying you want to kill us and turn our corpses into undead?’

‘… … Crazy guy. ‘I’m even more crazy because I think I’m really going to do it.’

In order to create people like Dullahan and Skeleton Wizard, you needed corpses suitable for them.

However, each guild leader who was a climber above the 200th floor was capable of becoming a Dullahan and a Skeleton Wizard.

In other words, Tune told them that if they did not perform well in guild battles, he would kill them and incorporate them into his army.

It was like a death threat, but there was only one person who could complain about it right now.


Ashur Hum, the owner of ‘Lord of Divine’, who can be said to be the head of the guild union, was one of them.

‘Lord of Divine’, whose owner is Ashur Hum, is the only guild that does not have a single traitor.

Of course, if anyone had to come forward and say something to Tune, it would be none other than Ashur Hum.

“Is there anything more to say? I don’t think I can wait for long, but if you have something to say, say it now. “You won’t even be able to have a proper conversation once the battle starts.”

But the problem was that Ashur Hum had no intention of taking their side.

The whole commotion ended with Ashur Hum, who had the only right to speak, turning his back on the guild leaders.

“… … doesn’t exist.”

Ashur Hum, who they thought was on their side, turned his back, but the guild leaders could not say anything because they knew that the fundamental reason for this was theirs.

“Then let’s leave. I will stand at the forefront. “The wizard who just cast a large-scale spell is still on the battlefield, so I will prioritize moving with the goal of catching him first.”

“… … Okay, f*ck it, let’s go, you guys!”

Since Ashur Hum, who was the only one who perfectly commanded the guild members, said he would take the lead, the outcome was decided.

Jose Yan of Giant Hippo, whom most of the guild members had betrayed, stood up with a red face, and following Jose Yan, other guild leaders rose from their seats one after another.

“I will take charge of the battlefield. Tune, you block your face. “It looks like Basil has already gone to stop the dragon clan.”

“… … “Sure.”

The general commander was Tune, but Tune could only nod his head at Ashur Hum’s words.

This is why there is a high possibility that not only Tune’s position but even his life will be in danger if he refutes Ashur Hum, who has taken control of the other guild leaders at once.

The moment Tune nodded because that was what he had planned to do in the first place.

“I’m heading out.”


Ashur Hum and his loyal guild members left their positions and headed toward the battlefield.

Towards a place that was in turmoil due to the offensive of mercenaries and gold soldiers from Yeokcheon following the Jajungji Rebellion.

Tune, who was looking at the backs of Ashur Hum and the guild leaders who disappeared like the tide in an instant, sighed and waved his hand.


The ground split, and Tune’s ‘death’ revealed itself to the world again.

“If we fight as climbers versus climbers, it would be right to block the undead with the undead.”

In the chaotic battlefield, Yeokcheon currently has the upper hand, but since the elites of ‘Lord of Divine’, including Ashur Hum, and guild leaders from other guilds have joined, the advantage among climbers will soon be reversed.

Tune knew this well, so he knew what he had to do now.



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“Go, my ‘deaths’. “Finish what you couldn’t finish last time.”



Undeads that are not only inferior to the undead summoned by Jinhyeok but are several levels higher run across the battlefield following Tune’s orders.

“… … You guys go and help them too. “You guys will have to stick together to deal with the soul soldiers.”

-I understand, my master.

-Kihihi, corpse! I miss you rotten me! I can do whatever I want, right?

The Death Knight’s voice, which shows loyalty with a low-pitched voice, and the flippant voice of the Lich, which is the opposite.

Listening to the voices of the two beings, Tune nodded with a cool gaze.

“Do whatever you feel like. Whether it’s turning the battlefield upside down or grinding up corpses. Just take me to the front of the ghost. “As long as I can achieve that, I don’t care what I do.”

-… … Has confirmed.

-Garface? Soul disease? Okay, I’ll add it to my collection!

The Death Knight hesitated in answering the unusually cold voice, but the Lich was rather satisfied.

In addition to an excellent necromancer called Gwimyeon, there is also a type of undead that I have never seen before called Soul Bottle.

For Lich, a wizard and necromancer, these things were more enjoyable than any other experimental subject.

“I would have said the ghost face was mine, Akkad. If you touch him, I will take off my skull and throw it in the church and temple for three days and three nights.”

Of course, Tune, who was only thinking about fighting against Jinhyuk, threatened Rich Acard.

Liches are undead.

Throwing him, an undead, into a religious order or temple full of divine power and the eyes of the gods was like saying that he would suffer an extra pain and be destroyed forever.

-… … Tsk, I got it. I’ll lay out a blood-stained red carpet for the owner’s way. But I can’t give up on soul disease. Because I want to carefully dissect people who are different from ghosts and demons!

“I won’t worry about soul disease. I hope you keep your word, Akkad. “I don’t keep useless people around.”

-I will make sure not a single ant passes by on the way.

“I’m looking forward to it, Char.”

Satisfied with the sight of Death Knight Char bending on one knee and showing the complete opposite of Lich Akkad, Tune waved his hand.

“Go, color the battlefield with death for me.”

-I follow orders.

-Follow orders.

Not only Char, who had shown loyalty throughout, but even Akkad, who had been tickling, bowed his head and obeyed Tune’s orders.

Soon, Tune sat down, looking at Char galloping across the battlefield on a skeletal horse and Akkad flying through the air with fly magic.


Tune sat down on a chair and placed his hands on the table, staring intently at the battlefield.

‘The moment when all the miscellaneous things disappeared. Then we’ll be standing in front of each other, ghost.’

The excitement and surprise I felt when we first met.

Tune quietly closed his eyes, thinking about becoming the true successor to Cha Jin-hyuk, the ‘Death Star’, by feeling it again and overcoming it.

It was a rest to get my body in top condition before a full-scale battle.

bang! Quang! Crumbling! visor! Cheaeng!

In an orchestra filled with the sounds of things exploding and weapons, Tune fell into a deep state of imagination.


A dark blue energy mixed with morale and mana gently enveloped Tune, and soon the dark blue energy completely enveloped Tune.

Inside the cocoon-like appearance, Tune began tuning his energy and body ahead of the battle with Jinhyeok.

Wow – Kwasik! Pusssssuk-

The tune was moving to the next level with an eerie sound flowing from within a cocoon made of dark blue energy.

In order to overcome Jinhyeok, who is his rival and feels like a mountain he must overcome.* * *

“Mr. Ken.”

“Ah, Miss Haryu. Long time no see. “I’m too late.”

Ha-ryu encountered Ken in a battlefield where weapons clashed and loud explosions made the eardrums tingle.

Countless attacks were flying towards Ken, but Ken leisurely struck them down and waved hello.

It could be said to be a clear example of how much Ken has grown over the past few months.

It can be seen that Jinhyuk, Hendrick, Ha-Ryu, etc. have grown as much as, perhaps even more.

“Man, it was cool. best.”

“Thank you, Miss Miho. There is still a lot missing. “It was an achievement that was only achieved with the help of a weapon.”

When Miho, who was standing next to Ha-Ryu, raised two thumbs up and threw a double whammy, Ken scratched the back of his head with an embarrassed expression and took credit for himself.

A magic book and staff received in return for helping Jinhyeok.

Haryu shook his head when Ken lowered his ball and said that the objects that helped him chant magic quickly and made the same magic stronger were of great help.

“Even without those things, Mr. Ken’s magic was amazing. “For a moment he thought he was going blind?”

I know that even though the magic book helps with magic and faster chanting, and the staff makes the magic more powerful, it is not a factor that can disparage Ken’s skills.

It’s also true that you shouldn’t be criticized for borrowing their power in the first place.

It was natural that Ha-ryu himself also had a piece called a dragon slayer sword.

“That’s right, Mr. Lightning was cool.”

“For you to say that… … I don’t know what to do with myself. Beautiful little girls. But I think this is a moment to focus on other things rather than conversation.”

When even Miho raised her double pole again in defense of the downstream, only then did Ken acknowledge his ability.

However, Ken’s face hardened as he saw the faces of those slowly approaching towards them.

Until now, other people’s attacks had been easily blocked using the shield, but the ones approaching now were strong people who would almost certainly end up in a goal if they only left their defense to the shield.

“… … “It might not be enough on our own.”

“Ugh… … “You look strong.”

Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho also frowned as they felt the terrifying energy coming from those approaching them.

It was only natural that they were so strong that it would be difficult for just the three of them to stop them.

“Kill the little guys!”

“I will rip that wizard’s limbs apart. How dare my guild members!”

Naturally, the people who made the impression of the three people were none other than the guild leaders belonging to the ‘Guild Alliance’.

The momentum of the guild leaders, who ran at even faster speeds without riding a horse-like vehicle, was amazing.

If there is a mountain, it will break down the mountain, and if there is an ocean, it will split the ocean.


“Jose and Dyke, you follow me. May is on the right, Beck is on the left. Hayden, Carl Ernoa, and Horun wait in the rear. “The dark sword looks for gaps.”

“… … “Sure.”

“all right. “I’ll ask you to move forward, Ashur.”

“Hahaha, I’ll destroy everything!”

An expressionless paladin who stands at the front and exudes a pious yet warm energy.

The three people stiffened because the energy they felt from Ashur Hum was no joke.


A being that no matter how you fight, there is no way to win.

‘… … Should I retreat first?’

‘Hmm, I guess it would be better to send the two of you back and take my time.’

When Ha-ryu and Ken, excluding young Miho, were thinking about wasting time with each other.


“… … !!”

At the cold female voice that came from behind them, the two grabbed Miho’s head and pressed it as she stood dazed.

Ride it!

At the same time, a gunshot was heard.

Guns are not a very popular weapon within the tower.

Ranged weapons include bows, which are greatly affected by the user’s strength and mana, and in terms of single attack power, there are swords wrapped in mana.

But even so, there were climbers who used guns, and at least the person who made this gunshot was the best musketeer before the 300th floor.

Bub bub bub!

“… … “Wow!”

“… … “It’s a musketeer!”

“Hit the shield or barrier!”

If it had been an ordinary gun and musketeer, they would not have been able to stop the guild leaders and executives who were monstrous climbers who had climbed beyond the 200th floor, but the opponent was bad.

“You kids. Fall back. “It’s a pain if my employer’s co-workers get hurt.”

“We don’t even have to protect you, Mr. Shane. We help too. I think it will be an easier fight then… … is not it?”


She, who led the mercenaries, appeared to save the three people.

She let out a sigh as she heard the rescue target, downstream, telling her to fight.

“Ha, anyway, if you guys leave, I’m planning on leaving too, so why fight…” … .”

“Let’s do it that way. “If we leave them alone, the tense battlefield might come to an end.”

Shane, who was confiding his thoughts about retreat with a sigh, wrinkled his face when he heard a deep voice coming from next to him.

“… … What a damn inspiration. Okay, you’ll have to pay a lot of hazard pay.”

“It’s not my money, so take it however you want. “Anyway, it’s going to be him who gets scolded, not me.”

Balkan, who led Jinhyeok’s army, was the master of the voice.

When Shane gritted his teeth while mentioning hazard pay, Vulkan shrugged and told him to do as he pleased.

As he said, the pocket where the money was going was not his own.

In addition, Jinhyeok, who is like his usual nemesis, would be the one to get scolded more.


The lower class smiled brightly, pleased with Balkan’s assistance.

Balkan, who welcomed her with a gentle smile as if he were seeing a granddaughter, gently stroked Ha-Ryu and Miho’s heads and encouraged them.

“Okay, we probably couldn’t fight properly a few days ago, so let’s try it properly now. “I will take care of your assistance, so use your power freely.”

“… … Yes, I won’t disappoint.”

Ha-Ryu smiled slightly and nodded at the gentle but energizing encouragement.

Vulcan, who seemed to have regained his confidence, looked downstream and smiled calmly, tapping his shoulder.

“I’m not looking forward to it.”

“I can do well too.”

Miho blew a puff of air into her cheek and made a sulky face at Balkan, who was only looking at the downstream.

Although the body is that of an elementary school student, it is natural since the baby was born less than a year ago.

That’s why Balkan smiled bitterly and held Miho’s hand.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to Miho too. “You won’t disappoint your budget, right?”

“Wow! “I only trust Miho!”

Miho didn’t feel it because she was a spirit, but felt an unknown warmth. Only then did she lower her expression and smile brightly.

“Sinpa is ready to film there, right? “The damage has been controlled and the people who set up the barrier are coming.”

Of course, it wasn’t like there wasn’t someone who sprinkled cold water on him.

However, just as Shane had sprinkled cold water, the backbone of the guild alliance, which had taken care of Shane’s attack and completed defenses, was approaching, so Vulcan, Haru, and Miho also looked ahead with faces filled with tension.

“I will keep it in check. Did you say Mr. Shane? “Please intercept the enemies.”

“You’re putting the difficult burden on others. “Are you going to go high?”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Ken, who assessed the situation in an instant, took charge of keeping the situation in check, and asked Shane to intercept the enemies.

Naturally, since the level of the guild leaders was high, intercepting them was the most difficult task.

When Shane sneered at Ken, who naturally passed on difficult tasks, Ken just smiled brightly and expressed his gratitude.

For a moment, Shane frowned at Ken’s sly reaction.

Chaja Jajajak-

Shane, who instantly transformed the rifle that was attached to his shoulder into an anti-materiel sniper rifle, took his stance and responded.

“Keep it in check. “He is also good at supporting inspiration.”

Her words are blunt and nervous, but her skills are certain.

“Hit it.”

Ashur Hum, equally blunt, gave orders.

If the battle so far was considered an appetizer, now was the moment when the main dish began.

The moment when those who could be said to be the backbone of Yeokcheon and the guild union collided was worthy of being called the main dish.


A single gunshot from Shane’s anti-material sniper rifle echoes throughout the battlefield as if a referee had fired a gun.



The main dish of the guild battle began with the two sides clashing as if they had been waiting for just now.

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