Absolute Necromancer Chapter 110

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Epissode 110

Time passed quickly until 12 o’clock sharp.

“Whew, the mercenaries have also been roughly checked, and the gold soldiers have also been roughly checked?”


“It’s unfortunate that Ken and Hong Gil-dong didn’t come, but there’s nothing we

can do.”

“I received a call from Ken that I would arrive in time, but… … Because I can’t figure out Hong Gil-dong’s side… … .”

“It’s okay, he’ll come by himself. Because they aren’t the ones to fall for things like

this. “Then shall we go out soon?”

“I will take care of you.”

Although it was late due to the greeting of Puppet, Halcion, and the gold soldiers they brought, there was still enough time to roughly check the mercenaries, including them.

The only thing that was disappointing was that Ken and Hong Gil-dong had not yet appeared.

I was disappointed by the absence of people who would have definitely been helpful, but I couldn’t just wait for them any longer.

As I left the parade ground, I walked towards the outside of the city where the Guild Alliance would be stationed.

The puppet gently came to my side and assisted me.

“Okay, feel free to do that. however… … “You’ve gotten pretty strong, huh?”

“… … As expected, you recognize it right away. “It’s just the result of our constant

efforts to avoid causing inconvenience to the guild leader and Goldrich.”

A powerful energy felt from the puppet that approached the side.

When I asked, slightly clicking my tongue at the formidable spirit, the puppet smiled softly and made a pretense, as if it was natural.

“Don’t be pretentious.”

When I answered with a frown, Puppet shrugged his shoulders.

He’s an ugly bastard, taking after his master.

As I clicked my tongue at the puppet that was increasingly resembling Goldrich, he immediately praised me.

“Yes, but it’s just an ordinary result in front of the guild leader. It’s Shane… … It’s

a name I’ve heard of before. They say he is a well-known talent in the mercenary world. “It makes me think that the world is so unfair that you have reached the peak

not only of your personal abilities but also of your ability to embrace others.”

Mercenaries, bounty hunters, ronins, freelancers, etc.

There are many climbers with various names.

But in the end, they too belong to the huge category called ‘climbers.’

And all climbers have pride.

The higher the floor, the higher and stronger the pride becomes.

Shane was no different.

A climber who is about to reach the 300th floor means that he or she will become

one of the strongest climbers in the tower.

It was difficult to meet such people, and even if they had a lot of money, it was often impossible to hire them.

Since there is such a thing as class, it is natural.

“It’s only the 300th floor.”

“It’s also on the 300th floor. Of course, considering the people we have to deal with, it is a very low and inadequate level, but… … “It will be helpful enough, at least for now.”

Chang-ChaengThe puppet shows a grin as it looks at Shane lightly relaxing from afar.

I could no longer refute his words.

Shane’s prowess in countering all the attacks of a dozen mercenaries without retreating was truly remarkable.

“… … “If I couldn’t help you, I wouldn’t have hired you.”

“Yes, I guess so. Because Gwimyeon’s insight was famous. “Didn’t you attract diverse talents?”

“That sounds like you’re bragging about how talented you are. I guess it’s just how

you feel, right?”

“… … “It’s probably because of your mood.”

I glanced at the puppet, who cleared his throat and was avoiding my gaze, and then took a quick step away.

“That’s it for the small talk.”


Puppet, seeing his unmasked face harden, also wiped the smile from his mouth.

The smile disappeared from the corner of the puppet’s mouth, which always had a

cool smile on it, and at the same time, a strong energy surged around him.

I moved to the decisive battle, accompanied by a puppet as an aide, which clearly

showed that I was capable of doing more than one person’s job.

“let’s go. “To clear away the obstacles blocking our progress.”

“I was just waiting for those words. Everyone, let’s go!”


From low to lowAs soon as the words are finished, a voice with the power of a puppet hits the parade ground.

There are certainly people who have reached a higher level than Puppet, but I couldn’t help but hold out my tongue as I watched the mercenaries and gold soldiers gathered at the parade ground move in unison at his words.

‘Maybe it’s because he’s a puppet master, but doing something is no joke.’

It is safe to say that Puppet’s ability to freely deal with beings that are higher and stronger than him is truly amazing.

The puppet shows why one outstanding commander is of enormous value in war.

I burst out laughing at the reassurance I felt next to me, stood at the front of hundreds of people, and headed toward the outside of the city on the 60th floor, where the guild union was waiting.

Chuck- Chuck- ChuckHundreds of climbers walking behind me.

Among them were Hendrick with an expressionless face, Haru and Miho with tense

faces, and Balkan, who comforted them.

Even though people who have all walked different paths are mixed together, ‘Yeokcheon’, which embraces harmony without any disharmony, is ready to tear up the first sky.



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The owner of the sword named ‘Yeokcheon’, who had added sharpness and strength to it by adding mercenary accessories, cried out his opponent’s name.


The voice was heard clearly even though it was quite far away.

At the same time, a message window sent by the system appeared before the eyes

of the guild war participants gathered here.

[5 minutes later, the guild war begins.]

I trembled at the fact that the fate of those gathered here would be decided in just

five minutes.


It wasn’t because of those odd feelings.

“I’m excited.”

That was the excitement that made my face turn red.

Several months have passed since I climbed the tower.

I was so happy at this moment because there was never a battle that really made me cry.

The death that everyone else is afraid of?

‘I’ve died once anyway.’

Speaking from a perspective that has experienced death, it is not something to be

afraid of.

What was truly to be feared was not death, but weeding and sloth.

And excitement that does not come for a long time is bound to bring boredom as

well as laziness and laziness.

I was just at that point.

Just when we were trying to do anything to prevent culling and sloth, which would

not come if we could get a little excited, a guild war broke out.

“Are you really okay? If you lose here… … .”

“Stop saying anything, make that guy the 4th Spirit Master.”

“… … I get it.”

While I was blushing and unable to hold back my excitement, Vulcan approached

me and I cut him off with a sharp cut.

In the end, Balkan, who was unable to change his opinion, looked at the guild alliance troops with bitter faces.

“Can you win?”

“I don’t know if I will win or lose. There are many people who are not here yet, and there may be many who have not revealed that much on the other side. “I just do

my best so that I don’t have any regrets at the moment of death.”

“… … “Those are your words.”

Winning or losing didn’t matter.

The question is whether an outstanding junior named Tune will surpass his senior,

or if not, whether the senior will solidly prove himself.

Of course, the latter was still good.

‘You’ve got a thousand years to go before you can surpass me, you old junior.’

No matter how much people around me praise him as the Demon King and all, in

my eyes, he is just a 300-level necromancer.

The difference between an ordinary necromancer and Tune was that he was just looking forward to the future.

After all preparations are complete, when tension is in the air.

“Oh, come to think of it, Goldrich told me to tell you something when the guild war starts.”

When the puppet approached me, it delivered Goldrich’s message.

A message from Gold Rich, who sees the future well as a merchant.

Of course it was strange that I wasn’t curious, and I waved my hands as if it was obvious.

“say it.”

“I’ll tell you when we start. Well, he said you’ll know when you see it.”

“… … “It’s bland.”

There is now 1 minute left until the guild war.

I wanted to ask what was there to surprise me, but since this was what ‘he’ Goldrich had told me to tell, it was clear that there would definitely be something that would surprise me, let alone something ordinary.

Of course, I looked at the rapidly shrinking window of time remaining without showing any such anticipation on the outside.

And the moment the remaining time becomes exactly ‘0’.



With cheers erupting from both sides.

“… … What is that?”

I could only mutter with a helpless expression on my face.

Because it was all I could do in the face of the ridiculous things happening far away in the guild union.

Goldrich, you crazy bastard… … !

The moment when I did something so absurd that my whole body was shaking with excitement and realized that I had succeeded.

“Run, get ready to cough up all your down payment if you lose to these divided people!”

What is self-respect?

He ordered an advance towards the guild alliance that had begun fighting among themselves.

To-doo-doo-dooI asked the puppet standing next to me as I looked at the army of Yeokcheon running towards me, raising a cloud of dust.

“… … “What did Goldrich say?”

“The correct answer is to use a joint plan against a comprehensive plan… … He said. Oh, of course, since it cost hundreds of millions of gold, he said that if he loses,

he will go all the way to hell to collect his debt.”

Comprehensive book and joint book.

It is a combined plan created by small countries coming together to block the most

powerful country.

The joint plan was created by the most powerful country, which was struggling with such a comprehensive plan.

It was a method of tearing the internal affairs apart by creating divisions among the enemies through strife and coaxing.

Here, the guild alliance is using a combined plan, and what Gold Rich used is probably a joint plan.

“… … Ha, he seems crazy.”

Guild union.

It was clearly a large and powerful organization.

This is natural since it is an organization created by as many as 10 forces coming together.

However, there must have been a gap to dig into, but Gold Rich’s financial power in identifying that gap and pulling it out made me hold my tongue.

of course.

“This won’t be enough.”

“I guess so. What Mr. Goldrich did was to shake the lower part that supports the pyramid, but he could not even touch the upper layer where the solid middle layer and executives were located.”

Although Goldrich’s strategy was successful, it did not immediately lead to victory.

Yeokcheon was not yet powerful enough to win with the success of Yeonheop’s strategy alone.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but be happy that the gap of hundreds of people was

narrowed through joint action.

“Then I guess I should start too. “Puppet, you go too.”

“I thought so. then… … I’ll see you alive. Me and the guild leader too.”

After delivering all of Goldrich’s messages.

I bowed my head politely and grinned as I looked at the puppet’s back as it quickly joined the battlefield, then stamped my foot.


A heavy sound spread throughout the battlefield, and I muttered quietly as I put on

a goblin mask over my face.

“Wake up.”



-I will annihilate my master’s enemies!

Soul soldiers who showed up after being called.

They were the elite of the elite, and as soon as they showed up, they gave off strong energy.


“It’s already being summoned.”

HuhAs soon as they appeared, Vulcan swung his staff sideways.

A simple swing.

But what followed was not that simple.

Quad deukThe ground split, and what appeared between them were countless undead.

When the army that would reliably support the Soul Bottle series was completed wi

th the addition of the undead, which had no limit to the number of soul soldiers, demon soul soldiers, and holy soul soldiers, I sent them out without hesitation.

“What are you going to do now, Tune? “You can reach me, right?”

Doo doo doo dooMy eyes sparkling with spiritual power sparkled as I looked at my proud troops leaving to join the battlefield, shaking the earth.

A series of over 100 soul bottles.

Over a thousand undead.

With their joining, the Guild Alliance, which had been causing self-destruction, gritted its teeth and launched a counterattack.

It was the moment when a full-scale guild war began.

* * *

‘… … What on earth is this! How on earth did you manage your guild members so that you could be bribed by the enemy?’

Tune, who was famous for his calmness, could not help but be confused by the current situation.

The cause of his confusion was that as soon as the guild war began, most of the lower-level guild members belonging to the 9 guilds except ‘Lord of Divine’ attacked

other guilds.

Fortunately, the guild battle allowed some attacks from the same side to be ignored, so there was no major damage, but there was another important problem.

‘… … If this happens, no one can be trusted.’

The fundamental reason why the guild union can boast of its overwhelming size is

the reason why the ‘union’ collapses.

Up to 10 guilds.

There were well over a thousand guild members under their command, dozens of executives who reigned over them, and even the guild leader.

It has become a situation where they cannot trust anyone but themselves.

This meant that if the current situation remained the same, an absurd situation could arise where a large army numbering more than a thousand people was defeated

by a force that did not even have a full thousand men.

Of course, as time passes and the situation is fully understood, the guild alliance may come together again… … .

‘It’s too late. The guild war must have ended or is about to end. In the end, the only people I can trust are me and Basil.’

At the very least, it was clear that the guild alliance would come together again at the end of the guild war or just before it ended.

And that was like saying that it had no meaning to Tune.

Because he risked everything against this guild.

“Tune, I think we should go soon.”


“Okay, let’s go. Has the ghost side moved? Undeads and spirits… … “We have to stop those first.”

The thoughts were deep, but thanks to Basil, who broke Tune’s thoughts with good

timing, Tune was able to see reality.

Thousands of divided climbers no longer mattered.

They will act as meat shields in their own way.

This is because I realized again that what was important was the guild leader who

commanded them and was the actual backbone, and myself and Basil, who were hired as freelancers.

“Gather all the guild leaders. “Tell them to select only the main guild members under their command and lead them to charge.”

“… … “What about the rest of the lower classes?”

He delivers orders to quickly resolve the situation to Basil, who is next in command after himself.

When Basil was told to lead the executives belonging to the mid-level guild members and upper-level guild members and demand an assault on the guild leaders, Basil

nodded and asked about the low-level guild members, who were the biggest cause of the current self-destruction.

In response to Basil’s question, Tune shook his head with a cold expression.

“There is no reason to care about those who abandoned the cause because they were blinded by self-interest. “Tell them to use it as a meat shield against Yeokcheon’s attacks.”

“I like it.”

Tune declares that low-level guild members are not his chess pieces from this moment on.

Basil, with a satisfied smile on his face, released the snakes that were no different from his own children.

Sushi SisikBasil smiled, pointing to the snakes that quickly spread across the battlefield across the floor.

“That could buy us some time. So tune, you do what you can.”

“… … “Favors are returned.”

After saying that the guild leaders would buy time to gather their strength, Tune bowed to Basil, who was running to the battlefield to begin full-scale control.

Basil, who was to receive a silent bow, was already far away, but Tune, who did not hesitate to smile, looked at the battlefield with a cold gaze.



“… … “I’ll have to catch those first.”

The undead are of low quality, so they do not pose a huge threat.

However, Tune reached out to first clear the obstruction that could not be removed.

TsutsutsutsuA huge amount of morale and mana are condensed, creating a distortion of space.

When preparing a single blow that will wipe out the undead at once and even wipe

out the soul bottle series protected by them.

A man’s low voice echoed throughout the battlefield.

“[Thunder seal].”

Chii Iik-

“… … “Aaaah, what is this?”

“pattern? Damn it, erase it quickly. “It’s an enemy wizard!”

Lightning made of mana was engraved on the foreheads of most guild members standing on the battlefield.

An uproar arose between the guild members who were causing self-destruction and the middle-level guild members who were a little lower in rank due to it burning their skin and settling down like a tattoo or pattern.


It was clear that the lightning pattern commotion happening now was clearly part

of some magic being prepared by a magician belonging to Yeokcheon.

However, rather than erasing the pattern, all of them are wizards belonging to the


It was also faster for a wizard who specialized in lightning magic to complete the


“This should be enough to pay for being late. Phew, I hope he doesn’t hate me…

… [Heavenly Punishment].”


A huge bolt of lightning falls from the sky.

Eventually, one thunderbolt split into two, the two thunderbolts split into four again, and the four again split into eight.

In the blink of an eye, a bunch of lightning split into hundreds of branches and struck the ground.

To be precise, it was to a guild member who could not erase the thunder mark that had appeared on his forehead.


“… … “Aaaah!”

“Knock! Wow… … .”

While casualties continued to appear here and there, a man wearing a blue robe was smiling in the middle of the battlefield.

“Forgive me for being late.”

Polite voice.

But the place where that voice reached was not a battlefield.

Yeokcheon’s home base away from the battlefield.

Because it was said to the person who was there watching everything.

And after hearing the late student’s apology, Jinhyuk played with his mask and muttered with laughter.

“It’s late, Ken.”


He, who had been taught by Jinhyeok on the 10th floor and even saved his life, was the moment when he imprinted his name not only on the whale battle of Yeokcheon and Guild Alliance taking place on the 60th floor, but also on the entire tower.

[The owner of Geumgangjeo is interested in you.]

[The owner of Mjolnir is interested in you.]

[The God of Lightning casts Above Me Below and pushes others away.]

[The most perfect wife, Shin, sighs and pulls someone’s ear.]

[Numerous gods show interest in you.]

[Numerous demons are interested in you.]

The name ‘Ken’ was strongly imprinted not only on the tower, but also on lightning-related gods and demons currently watching the guild war.

Until I started.

No, it had been predicted that the guild union would win ever since the guild war first started a few days ago, but less than 10 minutes after the guild war started, it was also the moment when the fate of the winner or loser became unknown.

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