Absolute Necromancer Chapter 11

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All Master Necromancer Episode 11

[The pinnacle of all evil looks at you blankly.]

[A god is curious about your occupation.]

[A demon is curious about your occupation.]

The moment Jinhyeok comes out of the basement, countless gods and demons A message appeared before my eyes.

The room where the ex-officer is located is solely a space for climbers.

Even if it were a god or a devil, it would not be possible to see through it.

‘Baal seems to have noticed, but he doesn’t say anything.’

Last time, he leaked information about himself, and other gods and demons attacked him in droves.

Because of that situation, Jinhyeok felt a little troubled, but it was now a blessing in disguise.

Thanks to that, Baal didn’t do something foolish like giving up his job.


What Jinhyuk did as soon as he left the basement was to gather the scattered skeletons.

As soon as Jinhyeok’s order was given, white skeletons gathered.

Dozens of skeletons.

With those alone, there is no one who can stop Jinhyuk here on the first floor.

‘You need a special method to come down below the 10th floor, so it’s hard to think that there will be strong guys.’

Just like when Jinhyuk discovered Balkan’s journal.

Unless there are such special circumstances, anyone who has passed the 10th floor or the first floor in the first place cannot return to the first floor.

It seems as if they are only pursuing unconditional progress.

‘Well, I don’t have any intention of coming down anymore, so it doesn’t matter.’

My career as a Spirit Master is over.

There is no way to come down now, and there is no reason to come down below the 10th floor.

After thinking about everything, Jinhyeok gave orders to the skeletons waiting for his orders.

“Break down.”

Passyek –

As soon as the command was over, dozens of skeletons turned into pure white bone dust and flew around.

If someone had seen this, they would have been twirling their fingers and asking if they were crazy.

Of course, Jinhyuk had an idea.

“Come out.”

Swoook –

Along with the words, something whitish came out of Jinhyuk’s chest.



“It’s the same as not being able to speak.”


What Jinhyuk summoned were none other than the souls of the kobolds that Jinhyuk had captured so far.

They were all kneeling towards Jinhyeok, retaining their original appearance.

The ghosts show their dignity.

It was extremely creepy, but not for Jinhyuk.

Because it was just an ordinary, ordinary thing.

The Spirit Master is a being who controls all spirits.

It was natural for souls to be polite.

“The hunt begins now.”

Jinhyuk had no intention of waiting for the Kobold Lord to move.

‘I can hit first, there’s no reason to wait.’

A sure win.

Because the eternal law also applied inside the tower.

-Keek! Kerr!


The Kobold Lord’s stronghold.

Dozens of kobold guards guard a huge fortress built in the heart of the forest.

There were decapitated corpses hanging in the fortress.

It belonged to a climber who had approached the fortress without knowing anything and was hunted.

The kobolds smiled as they looked at the climbers.

Because the bodies of those with their heads cut off became food to fill their stomachs.

It was a time when the guards were hoping that more food would arrive.

Trudging –

The sound of something walking echoed through the cold air in the forest.

The sound of footsteps clearly pierced the kobolds’ ears, as if they wanted them to hear them.


-Scream! Scream!


At the same time, the kobold guards raised their weapons and aimed them towards the forest.

He let out a threatening cry as if telling him to come out immediately.

It was the fear of the group.

If it had been just one, they would have run away at the sound of footsteps that appeared to be a climber coming from the forest.

But they are now the majority, not the minority.



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The climber was no longer a being to be feared, but merely a being to be hunted.

There is only one reason why this is possible.

It was thanks to their leader, Kobold Lord ‘Khalkum’.

Despite the threat of the kobolds pointing their weapons, the owner of the footsteps was relaxed.

Turquoise- Turquoise-

– Ke… Kereuk?

I just slowly walked towards their fortress, step by step.

As if you were no threat to me.

Originally, they would have revealed their evil nature once again as soon as they realized that fact, but they did not do that.

No, it would be more accurate to say ‘I couldn’t do it.’

The reason was simple.


The night air is particularly cold.

However, the cold that enveloped their entire bodies right now was not at all due to the cold air.

The cold that comes from the body reacting to instinctive fear.

It is by no means something that disappears just by wearing thick clothes and exposing it to fire.

Eventually, the owner of the footsteps appeared.

“Whoa… that’s a lot.”

One person at most.

But his gaze at the fortress was by no means that of the criminal.

The gaze of a hunter looking at the prey he must catch.

The moment they saw those eyes, the kobolds felt shabby.

To be precise, it felt like they had returned to the days when they were prey.

Kobolds raised by Kalkum as hunters.

The moment they saw the mysterious climber looking at them, they returned to hunting.

Boom –

The mysterious climber lifts his feet once.


Souls with a cool chill appeared.

Exactly 30 people.

Although it is a low-level kobold soul, it is a number that is quite unreasonable even for Jinhyeok.

However, Jinhyeok did not reject his choice.

Kobolds, kobold warriors, kobold shaman, etc.

Wearing the same weapons and armor as they did when they were alive, they once again stand here as spirits after receiving a call from Jinhyeok, a mysterious climber.

The reason for destroying all the skeletons was simple.

There were better things to do, so there was no reason to leave them to eat up mana.

Of course, there were some parts that were meant to be of some help in maintaining the soul soldiers.

And as if to prove their usefulness, the kobold spirits launched an attack.

Crashing –

Thick grass in the forest.

They trampled on them and flew towards the fortress where they originally lived.

Looking at the spirit trying to invade the fortress, Jinhyeok finished stretching with a groan and held the staff in his hand.

“You can’t just sit around and play.”

If I had been in a past life, I would have watched from behind, but not now.

Thanks to his sub-job called All Master, Jinhyuk was particularly strong in dog fights like that.

Weapons that fell on the floor, weapons used by enemies, etc.

Jinhyeok’s main weapon was to swing whatever he could get his hands on without any consideration.

With that thought in mind, the last remaining Jinhyeok rushed towards the fortress.

“…is it an intruder?”

A kobold with a size and appearance that is clearly different from other kobolds.

To his surprise, he could speak.

His name was Kalkum.

The father of all kobolds.

The Kobold Lord who appeared on the first floor was him.

As the leader of a tribe, his intelligence was beyond the ability to speak and read.

Since he was a Lord, he noticed the presence of an intruder and stood up.

It was a natural choice since there was no reason for an ordinary intruder to cause trouble in his fortress.

“Prepare the offerings.”


At Kalkum’s command, a kobold waiting by his side disappeared, and Kalkum slowly left his room.

The purpose was to use unusual methods to deal with unusual intruders.

Wow! Wood clatter!


“As expected, kobolds are too easy.”

Jinhyeok, who instantly rushed in and turned the kobold’s head 180 degrees into an owl, muttered and looked around.


-Keek! Keck!

The situation was overwhelmingly better for Jinhyuk.

Kobolds are stupid.

Conversely, the word stupid can also mean that there are no wizards.

Because a stupid person cannot become a wizard.

Although there are shamans, they are few and shamans and magic are fundamentally different.

Additionally, in order to attack the souls that Jinhyuk handled, there had to be some level of magical processing.

Or, something with holy attributes or something with demonic attributes was needed.

None of them?

‘It’s a massacre.’

Then there is no way to stop the Spirit Master.

This was the reason why Jinhyeok was notorious in the tower.

No matter how powerful a warrior is, he cannot do anything about the souls without someone like a wizard, priest, or demon.

On the other hand, since the souls even have physical power, it is an absurd situation in which only one side can attack normally.

Of course there were exceptions.

‘If you can wear a sword or a sword, things will be different.’

Other beings in the play can make mana tangible.

Nine stars were of course possible, and the same goes for the elite beings below them.

They were able to deal with Jinhyeok’s souls like they would deal with ordinary enemies.

Well, there was no need for kobolds to use sword techniques or sword steel, so that was also impossible at the moment.

“It’s slowly coming to an end.”

A scene where 30 people slaughter hundreds of kobolds.

Just by looking at the number of kills going up like crazy, you can get a rough idea of how bad it is.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be that difficult to reach 1,000 within a few hours.

“It’s nice to have a hidden job.”

Spirit Master and All Master.

Both jobs were good.

A spirit master who is perfect for dealing with weak beings like now.

An all-master who can fight dozens of enemies alone.

Jinhyuk thought that it couldn’t be this good to have both jobs.

You can tell this just by looking at the number of kobolds Jinhyuk killed alone in less than an hour approaching three figures.

Not only did they use one weapon, but they also used swords, swords, spears, etc.

This was despite the fact that I used a variety of weapons at my disposal.

Of course, Jinhyeok’s strong presence played a role, but All Master’s fraudulent nature also played a role.

How good would it be to have good weapons on the first floor, which is the beginner zone?

After a few proper swings, the weapon gets damaged, and if you go any further, it breaks.

But Jinhyuk had no reason to care whether the weapon broke or not.

When the sword breaks, the spear.

When the window breaks, it’s okay.

Depending on the situation, he may steal a dropped weapon or an enemy’s weapon and use it himself.

Although it may be absurd from the enemy’s perspective, it cannot be like this.

‘It would be absurd to use a weapon better than the one who was taken away.’

Jinhyeok’s current weapon skills are similar to those of those who changed jobs from the 10th floor.

A similar spear technique that changed into a spearman.

A swordsmanship similar to this one that turned into a prosecutor.

In such a situation, at best, a kobold can handle weapons better than Jinhyeok?

It was an impossible story.

Something caught Jinhyeok’s spirit as he wielded his weapon, keenly aware of the fraudulent nature of the All Master.

“…Is it Rod?”

The castle, a dark and gloomy energy felt from deep within.

Convinced that something was definitely going on inside, Jinhyeok threw a dagger at the forehead of the charging kobold and ran straight to the center.

Of course, the kobold who was struck by the dagger died, but Jinhyeok did not even look back.

“Tsk, this is going to be quite annoying. Maybe I should have killed Rod first.”

They will all die anyway.

I did not decide what to do first and after, but first dealt with the things I could see, but my judgment was wrong.

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue at that fact, but did not regret it.

“I win anyway.”

It doesn’t matter if the judgment is wrong or the choice is wrong.

Because Jinhyuk had the strength to overturn them all.

[The pinnacle of all evil waves a cheering stick.]

“…The cheering from a man with hairy legs is nothing special.”

[The pinnacle of all evil drops his lightstick in shock.]

In addition, Jinhyuk also had a cheerleader(?) who cheered him on.

Even though I hated it myself.

Leaving behind the cheering of the man with hairy legs, Jinhyuk flew towards where Rod was presumed to be.

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