Absolute Necromancer Chapter 102

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Episode 102

“It’s quiet.”

“It’s quiet.”

A few days passed.

Jinhyeok and Hendrick, who were spending a quiet day as the bounty hunters who

came every day did not show up, muttered absently.


The two had a truly relaxing time for the first time in a long time in the quiet that

came as the bounty hunters who had been visiting for several days disappeared.

“Is it the calm before the storm?”

Of course, that didn’t mean the two were just resting.

Before the storm.

Just as the saying goes that the night before a storm is calm, the current silence seemed to predict the impending storm.

“I guess so. “Because they are obsessed with money, that is the only reason they have become quiet.”

“Well, that’s what I wanted, so it doesn’t matter.”

The two shook their heads, not denying that it was the calm before the storm.

It was natural that they were the ones targeting this situation.

“The entire 60th floor will be in chaos.”

“Whether it is a city or a border, chaos is inevitable.”

RattlingWhile stirring the ice in the glass, the two talked about the coming storm.

It was something everyone would have expected, but they couldn’t deny that it also applied to them.

Nevertheless, the two remained calm.

This is not only because they designed this situation, but also because they were confident.

“What happened to Yeokcheon’s convocation?”

“First of all, I turned everything around. GoldRich is the only place that has come

up with a proper answer yet… … They will come on their own. “It’s just a matter of


A convocation of Yeokcheon.

No matter how powerful the guild alliance and the two king-level climbers were, there was no reason they could not stop it if they and the forces of Yeokcheon were


Hendrick, who had contacted them a few days ago as soon as he had made plans,

nodded to Jinhyuk’s question.

“Well, I’ve already prepared a way to buy time, so there shouldn’t be any problem.”

“Hmm, I’m not going to ask you anything since you’ve probably prepared well.”

“Okay, you and I can just drink and enjoy the peace until everything starts.”

On the rocks.

The ice in the glass melts and mixes with the whiskey.

Jinhyuk smiled as he enjoyed the fragrant scent of whiskey flowing from the cold whiskey.

“Wow, this is peace and relaxation.”

Hendrick shook his head as he looked at Jinhyuk, who was moaning and shaking at the coolness of the whiskey and the sharp taste of alcohol.

“It’s easygoing. “Even though we have nothing to do right now, isn’t it too relaxed?”

A criticism of Jinhyeok’s saggy appearance, who normally would have been training to attack the tower.

At that, Jinhyuk just smiled leisurely.

“What if it is released? “You just have to hold on tight at important moments.”

“Tsk, you’ve loosened up after sparring with Shane.”

“Part of it is because the people who have been visiting recently have been so dull.

Above all, this is enough training.”

Tuk-tuk- Hendrick sighed as Jinhyuk spoke while tapping his head with his fingertips, shook his head as if he didn’t understand, and picked up his drink.

“If you copy other people’s techniques, you will get hit by the sword.”

“Isn’t that what you really think?”

“… … no. “After all, your ‘Hoeryong’ and my ‘Hoeryong’ are different.”

Hendrick responds to Jinhyuk’s sly question with a stern expression.

Of course, the two technologies are different, but it was clear that he was inspired

by and became a motif for his own technology, so he couldn’t help but feel resentful.

In addition, Hendrick’s competitive spirit was stimulated by the fact that he was able to imitate the techniques he had acquired through hard work just by seeing them a few times.

‘No matter how much it is a sub-job, the level of growth is extraordinary. If I keep

going like this, everything might be taken away from me. They have already lost once. ‘I can’t let down my guard.’

The rapid growth of Jinhyeok, who had the strongest job called All Master as a sub

-job, was enough to stimulate Hendrick, who had recently been stagnant.

Currently, the two have 1 win and 1 loss.

Hendrick was feeling a little impatient at the situation that could be seen as equals

and the stagnation of himself and Jinhyuk’s progress.

Although he was clearly at the top at the beginning, the sight of him being pushed

down by such rapid growth was very shocking to him.

“Do it in moderation.”

“… … “What do you mean?”

Jinhyuk’s voice, heard at that time, was enough to wake Hendrick from his thoughts.

Do it in moderation.



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Hendrick raised his eyes at the words of encouragement that seemed to penetrate

his current state.

“Are you trying to teach me? “No matter how much you are above me, I don’t need

any teachings.”

Hearing his slightly angry words, Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders and shook his he

ad while holding his glass.

“I have no intention of teaching. “It seems so urgent that I just want to give it a little pause.”

“… … “What does it mean?”


Hendrick tilted his head as he expressed that what he was trying to do now was not the trivial act of teaching.

Jinhyeok told Hendrick about the thoughts he felt while watching Hendrick for a few days.

“You are strong.”


“Even if you look at the past, it’s the same. Even back then, you were strong and rose to a higher place than me.”

“… … It did.”

Stories from the past.

Hendrick smiled bitterly as Jinhyeok spoke about his past, in which he died in an all-out attack by the Four Emperors.

To him, the past was nothing more than a remnant that needed to be erased and a

‘path’ that he had to walk down once again.

But Jinhyuk thought slightly differently.

“I am growing rapidly, and you are currently stagnant, but ‘Top’ is something that

can change at any time, right? “I am moving forward now, but next time you will be

moving forward.”

“… … “I can’t even walk the path I’ve already walked once, so does that matter?”

“Don’t be too proud just because you’ve already walked once. Think of the effort you put in while walking that path. “Just because you walk the road once doesn’t me

an it won’t be a rough road.”

“… … !!!”

When Hendrick heard everything, he felt as if lightning had struck his head.

This means that you are looking down on the path you have walked, thinking that

you have walked it once.

Hendrick worked harder than anyone else and walked a risky and difficult path, so

he was able to reach the ridiculous level of 900 floors.

Even if you have walked down that path once, can you ignore it?

Of course, the answer was ‘NO’.

“I guess I was a little mistaken. The person I was then and the person I am now are

different. “I think we’ve forgotten that even if we walk the same path, we have to change our thinking a little bit.”

In addition, even if you walk the same path, the way you walk continues to change.

How to walk on two feet.

How to walk only on the left side.

How to walk only on the right side.

How to walk with a crouch, etc.

There are numerous ways, and Hendrick only walked one path in one way.

And he realized that since he had a new body, that of a dragon, he had to change the way he walked.

The human body and the dragon body are different.

Naturally, the methods for the two races to become stronger are also different.

However, there was no need to only use methods to make one race stronger.

“Human technology and the body of the dragon race. “Up until now, I used to ignore the most powerful power I had.”


“I said it was a tool, but maybe… … “I think I tried to avoid using it as much as possible because of my anger toward the object of the dragon race’s body.”

“It was similar. Same thing with Shane.”

During the sparring with Shane.

Jinhyuk saw with his own eyes the anger Hendrick showed when he was unable to

withstand Shane’s attack and ended up in a dragon state.

If you think of the dragon race’s body as a tool, there is no reason to see it.

However, although Hendrick was able to shake off his disgust for the dragon body

that was now his own, he was unable to actively utilize it.


It was natural, as he had never been in a dragon state, let alone a dragon state, which was the previous stage, due to his anger at the fact that he was using the body of

someone he was supposed to kill.

“It will be a little different from now on.”

“… … Yes, I look forward to it.”

But now Hendrick realized his condition.

Ready to move on.

Change meant improvement.

No one knows how we will move forward, but it is definitely better to move forward than to stand still.

Above all, since it was a path he had already walked once, even if he took a different route and ended up on a strange path, he was confident that he would continue

on the right path again.

“I’ll make it 2 wins and 1 loss.”

“… … Okay, let’s hang out once this storm passes. “It will be obvious who will win


“It would be me.”

“no? “Maybe it’s me?”

Balkan, who had already approached us, sighed as he watched them insisting that

they would win twice, like three-year-old children.

“Stop acting like kids and come out. “There are real kids watching too, tsk.”

“… … “Are you here already?”

“… … “Let’s go.”

Why the Balkans call themselves.

The two immediately realized that it was not just a childish fight and stopped fighting.

The two people stood up with embarrassed faces and drank the remaining drinks in one go.


They noticed a change as soon as they left the bar, munching on the ice in their glass.

“Are you completely discharged?”

“What an incredible energy. “Momentum is no joke.”

“Do you think it will be too late for us? “I hope you’ll be okay.”

As soon as they left the bar, the two people felt a heavy energy hanging over the city, clicked their tongues and glared outside the city.

At the same time, a loud voice rang out from outside the city.

-If you are a ghost!!! Come out!!! I’m here to get your reward!!!

A rough male voice.

Jinhyuk burst into laughter at the voice that had a strange pressure that was impossible with just his voice.

“They said it was a guild union, and it looks like the guild leaders also came.”

“surely… … Shane, she’s at a similar level to that woman, but there’s no way she’s

an ordinary guild member. She couldn’t possibly be a bounty hunter, much less a bounty hunter.”

It must have been quite funny that even those with heavy hips showed up to catch


However, apart from that, Balkan, Haru, and Miho, who came outside together, showed their strength with stiff faces.

“Bring out the troops.”

“I will help you too, brother.”

“I can help too!”

Balkan took out the spirit bottles connected to Jinhyeok and summoned the undead at the same time, Ha-ryu put his hand on the sword sheath, and Miho showed confidence by shaking the rope containing the spirit that Ha-ryu had tied.

Jinhyeok, who burst into laughter as he looked at them ready for battle in an instant, nodded.

“Okay, then shall we go greet the guests?”

“Not bad. “Once you have achieved enlightenment, there is nothing better than using it.”

Welcoming guests.

The quantity and quality of the energy felt from outside the city was unusual to express in those words, but they did not care.

“I won anyway.”

In particular, the confidence of Jinhyeok, who was at the forefront of them, was not so small or feeble as to be intimidated by things such as quantity and quality.

TrudgingJinhyeok took gentle steps and headed towards the place where he heard the voice

calling him.

Yeokcheon vs. Guild Alliance.

Guild Alliance vs. Yeokcheon.

Even though Yeokcheon’s full power had not yet been gathered, Jinhyeok confidently appeared on the city walls as if he were here with all of Yeokcheon’s power.

SighJinhyuk took a deep breath as he put the mask he had pulled out over his face.

And at the same time as he let out the breath he had taken, Jinhyuk opened his mouth.

“What kind of cub to eat my name!!!”




The purple-black spiritual power that burst out with an ordinary shout began to weigh down the 60th floor.

The 60th floor, where more than a thousand climbers had gathered, became quieter than before due to the majestic sight and the feeling of the whole body being tightened and weighed down.

[The pinnacle of all evil waves its lightstick!]

[King Mifu says it’s good because it’s quiet.]

[The nine-tailed fox snorts that the courage is not suitable for the number.]

[Numerous gods click their tongues at the power that changes your path.]

[Numerous demons praise your madness.]

[Many neutral gods and demons are worried about you.]

Gods and devils raced to show their surprise, joy, and worry in front of Jinhyeok, an achievement and miracle created by just one person.

The first meeting(?) between Jinhyeok and the guild union began in silence.

“If you have something to say, say it. Isn’t that why you took off your heavy butt and came here with a bunch of meat shields? “You idiots?”

“… … “You arrogant bastard!”

“How dare you climb the 60th floor!”

Of course, that silence was shattered by one word from Jinhyeok, as if a stone had

been thrown at the window.

Jinhyuk smiled darkly as he felt the anger of the guild members in the guild alliance spreading like wildfire.

“If you tease me, I’ll attack you. “You bastards.”

Coo coo coo coo coo- And along with the laughter, it goes without saying that the pressure of a spiritual

power that was incomparable to what it was just before began to weigh them down.

Hundreds of climbers.

It was Jinhyuk who clearly revealed his presence in front of them.

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