Absolute Necromancer Chapter 101

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Episode 101

“… … Even if you say that, what is the crazy person next to him?”

It is true that they were overwhelmed by Tune’s neat yet ferocious way of life, but

as the head of a guild, they were not dragged around like that.

A slight gap in the opponent’s position.

They were scolding the white-haired man who was only interested in the snake’s scales and the snake, not themselves.

The person who threw the scolding was Jose Yan of ‘Giant Hippo’, who had the dirtiest personality among those gathered.

Thanks to his plump body, he was often looked at with disdain by others, and was

slightly twisted.

It can be said that his ‘twistedness’ is that he cannot tolerate someone showing signs of ignoring him.

‘Damn you. Because it looks beautiful. As a freelancer, how dare you ignore me, the guild master, and Jose Yan of Giant Hippo?’

Of course, one cannot deny that the white-haired man’s handsome appearance had the biggest stake in it.

The guild name Giant Hippo was like his nickname, and the jiggly flesh covering the muscles made his already ugly face even more ugly.

The two categories he hates the most.

The first is someone who ignores themselves.

The second was a handsome man, that is, a handsome man.

‘… … It makes me doubly angry that the handsome guy ignores me. I don’t know if

it’s the Demon King, but wouldn’t I be able to beat a guy like that gisaeng brother?’

And because the white-haired man in front of me fell into both categories, my anger doubled.

The rising anger and the sense of humiliation he received from Tune combined to

cloud Jose Yan’s judgment.

Even though it is clear that since he came with Tune, he is on par with him.

In the end, he made a mistake.

“I don’t know about you, but I can’t allow you to lead us, even the author. “I wonder if it shows proper qualifications or power.”

Tune’s face hardened at his snorting and scowling words.

The other guild masters, who noticed that something strange was going on around

Tune, noticed that Ashur Hum was watching.

It’s a guild union, but the person in charge of this place is Ashur Hum, the guild master of ‘Lord of Divine’.

‘Yes, the little pig spoke well for the first time in a long time. Push further!’

‘Definitely compared to the Four Spirits King, the person next to him… … ‘It’s a bit like that.’

‘Tsk, I don’t like the fact that they don’t even care about us.’

Of course, they were also angry at the white-haired man who did not even care about them, let alone the tune in front of them.

In the meantime, Jose Yan came to the forefront on their behalf, so they were just


In addition, Ashur Hum was quietly observing the situation, which was even more


As his surroundings became quiet, Jose Yan became energized as he looked at the

white-haired man who turned his gaze towards him.

“I guarantee this guy’s strength.”

Even Tune, who was exuding coolness, took a step back and defended the white-haired man, and his momentum soared through the sky.

“That’s not enough. You were recognized by us as soon as you appeared, but you are different. “He’s always only interested in that snake bastard.”

Jose Yan walks forward and speaks.

However, the subsequent reaction was not so good.

“… … this. I can’t believe you said something you shouldn’t say in front of that guy… … .”

Tune sighs with a stiff face.

Seeing his cool contrast with his appearance, Jose Yan checked whether he had made any mistakes in what he said.

Things you shouldn’t say.

Among the things he said, there was nothing that disparaged the other person.

They just crushed a snake that was just an ornamental pet.

However, after listening to Tune’s words, he realized that it was his mistake.

“… … Death King Basil. That’s that guy’s name. He’s a guy who doesn’t usually introduce himself, so I tried to introduce him myself… … “It’s late.”

Death King Basil.

Not only is he a king like Tune, but he is also said to be of the same level as him, a

top-class climber.

It was Jose Yan who couldn’t have known about him.


“… … Say it again.”

Jose Yan got goosebumps all over his body as he saw Basil, the man who had been

smiling just a moment ago, approaching him with a cold face.

Would a rat in front of a snake be like this?

The whole body becomes stiff, and mana is erupted unconsciously to protect the owner.

PuhwaaaakThe green mana strengthened the body, loosened the stiffness, and added vitality to the whole body, but Basil did not stop.

plod trudge trudgeThe sound of footsteps getting faster and faster.

When the sound pounding on your eardrums reaches the point where you become


chinBasil stopped.

“Ouch… … Wow… … .”

“What did you say to our cute Camille and s*xy Sheila?”



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At the same time, the predator’s survival reached its peak.

The moment when you can’t even breathe properly.

Terror and fear constrict my whole body.

-Shaaaaa… … .

SlurrrTwo white snakes crawling over Basil’s body.

When they touched my body and touched my skin, the unique feeling of a reptile

made my skin crawl.

And Jose Yan realized that this was his last chance.

“you… … “They said it was so beautiful.”

“Is this different from what I heard?”

Death King Basil.

Jose Yan knew that his nickname was so famous that he was often called by his nickname rather than the name Death King.

Basil the Snake Lover.

A madman whose love for snakes is greater than that of a woman with all kinds of


That’s why he heaped praise on the two giant snakes climbing his body.

“With its jewel-like scales, beautiful eyes, and long body, it’s hard to find a place that isn’t truly beautiful! “I apologize for being so far away that I couldn’t see it properly.”

He was polite, but there was fear in his voice.

Wouldn’t his last struggle be in vain? The fear of doing.

However, as the praise continued, a smile gradually appeared on Basil’s lips.


In the end, Jose Yan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Basil smiling brighter than ever.

of course.

“When I just heard that, I was going to talk about Camille and Sheila all day and then grind it up and give it to them as food, but you don’t have to do that.”

“Ugh… … .”

It goes without saying that every word that was said with a smile pierced Jose Yan’s heart deeply.

“I like it. pig. “I can give it to Camille and Sheila as emergency food later.”

“under… … haha… … zero… … It is an honour.”

Jose Yan, who was so wild when he was called a pig by White Swallow’s Beck Julio,

has now become a quiet pig.

Although he shed a lot of broth-like sweat, he was still fine, so it was fortunate for


“Do you want me to tell you how beautiful Camille and Sheila are?”

“… … yes! tail… … “I really want to hear it!”

Before he knew it, he was unable to utter a word of refusal towards Basil, who had

already sat down and was sitting next to him and smiling.

Even while watching the two people’s skit-like appearance, no one could open their mouths.

‘… … ‘I’m glad I wasn’t there.’

‘I almost got into big trouble. I can’t believe the Death King is coming.’

‘I thought he was crazy, but I guess that’s the extent of it. Then I’ll end up marrying a snake.’

I’m just thankful that I’m not in Jose Yan’s position.

Ashur Hum glanced around the quiet conference room and spoke.

“We can start now. “The introduction of the last reinforcements has been completed.”


The others clicked their tongues at his cool-headedness, not caring whether Jose

Yan was sweating or sweating, but Tune immediately nodded.

Not only was he not interested in Jose Yan in the first place, but he also did not like how he trampled on his opinions and ruined the atmosphere by saying things he should not have said to Basil.

‘Is Basil taking care of this guy who didn’t need it? ‘He can’t be any better than this, as long as he doesn’t kill him.’

Killing him could have been a problem.

In particular, I was a little nervous for a moment because Seongguk could have filed a claim.

He was quick-witted, unlike a pig, and by pleasing Basil, Tune was able to end the

introduction of Basil along with the sight of Jose Yan suffering.

He opened his mouth, satisfied with the audience’s silence.

“Let’s start the real meeting now.”

Although it felt calm and polite, everyone’s ears turned to Tune’s voice as they felt

the power firmly established within it.

“So Camille has a total of 321 scales, and I think scale number 86 is the most beautiful. Pig, what do you think?”

“I… … “I think so too.”

“also! I knew you would too! Then next is Scylla… … .”

Except for José Yan, who was captured by Basil and for the first time in his life was

hearing a beautiful praise of the snake’s scale number 86.

Tune himself didn’t really care about the two, so no one said anything about it.

It didn’t matter to them whether Tune personally delivered the plan to them or whether Jose Yan didn’t hear the plan properly and caused trouble.

‘If Jose gets behind, his territory is mine.’

‘Like a pig, his power is wide. I’d rather make a mistake and throw it away.’

‘It’s best to die right at the end of the operation. Is that going to happen?’

Rather, there were many people who were thinking of absorbing the power of Jose

Yan, who was ranked at the bottom of the ten in skill but was greater than the others in terms of guild power.

The meeting, which started with no one on Jose Yan’s side, went fairly smoothly.

Of course, it wasn’t without problems.

“No matter how much I think about it, I think it would be too much to take most of the power of ten guilds.”

“I agree. I don’t think there’s a need to expend too much manpower. “Even if it were only half that number, no, even if we were the only ones to do it, we could kill a

climber as small as a ghost.”

Hayden of Alstra and Carl Ernoa of Ernoa.

As wizards, the two expressed that they had too many troops.

In fact, most of the ten guilds’ strength is in the thousands at most.

If you move them all, it is certain that you will lose a lot of money.

In addition, it was obvious that the public sentiment of the guild members would also fall into the abyss.

Although the money will be filled with support from the Holy Kingdom, it will be very difficult to restore the fallen public sentiment.

Their questions were natural.

However, Tune had no intention of withdrawing his opinion or the demands of Nine stars, including Seongguk.

“Gwimyeon is a climber with unrivaled strength. Furthermore, there is information

that there are many undead who are presumed to be necromancers and appear to be ghosts nearby. Additionally, you understand that if we go down to the 60th floor,

we will have to pay a huge penalty, right?”

The response from the top to the demon face was complete eradication.

Penalties for high-rise climbers heading to low-rises and the natural strength of ghosts, etc.

His reason is that it is right to go with the power to reliably deal with ghosts by considering variables.

Neither of them could refute that.

‘It makes no sense for a climber on the 60th floor to manage hundreds of undead… … ‘There’s nothing we can do about it because all the information points to it being true.’

‘Moreover, Ghost Myeon’s colleagues are also presumed to be strong, so is it unreasonable to reduce the number of troops?’

The strength of the ghost, the penalty, and the strength of your colleagues.

If you put all of these things together, it would take the full strength of the entire guild to properly crush them.


“The superiors are speculating that there may be some kind of background behind

the ghost’s appearance. It can be said that the full strength of the guild is essential just in case they intervene. If you have any complaints, speak up. “I’ll tell you directly from the higher-ups.”

“… … doesn’t exist.”

“I don’t have one either.”


Tune was satisfied with the sight of them nodding their heads calmly, as they did not know who the higher-ups meant.

All meetings have ended.

“Once all preparations are complete, go straight to the 60th floor. “Don’t give them any room to escape.”


The shouts of the guild masters filled with spirit.

“I’ll contact you when everything is ready.”

After hearing the answer from Ashur Hum, who unconditionally followed the Holy

Kingdom’s orders, Tune ordered them to disperse.

The guild masters disappear to where they are supposed to be in an instant.

“Now, where did you say your guild was? “It would be nice if Camille and Sheila had something to eat.”

“We will prepare it with the best products.”

“Okay, if it doesn’t taste good, you can just change it and feed it to me.”

“… … “We will prepare the best products.”

Even Basil, who smiled and waved his hand and wrapped his arms around Jose Yan’s neck, disappeared, leaving Tune alone in the conference room.

Crash-dud-dudAt the same time, the undead he commands behind Tune’s back.

Lich and Death Knight appeared.

Feeling the presence of a Lich and a Death Knight reassuringly supporting his back, Tune remembered the reason why he received this mission.

“… … “I definitely said it was a soul.”

At the meeting, they said it was a ghost, but after receiving all the information, Tune knew that it was no ordinary ghost.


I heard a report that the soul of a real living being is staying by the ghost’s side and following his commands.

“Spirit Master.”

With that now almost forgotten name rolling off his tongue, Tune left with a cold look on his face, flapping his cloak.

“Death Star. Your legacy will be carried on by me who is most suitable for you. “I

will personally prove to you that someone like that is not a suitable successor.”

Unlike in meetings, the voice is not just outwardly polite, but is filled with sincere

politeness and respect.

In addition, he began preparations for war with the forgotten name ‘Death Star’.

Spirit Master.

To find the whereabouts of the job he had been looking for ever since he climbed

the tower and became a necromancer.

Neon King Tune.

He is a genius among geniuses who can even control ‘death energy’, which is the energy of death that most necromancers lack talent and no one can handle. His number one fan, who was fascinated by Jinhyuk of the past, moved towards Jinhyuk of the present.

Without even knowing who exists at the end of the path you are taking.

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